"This is a Six-O-Two Mitigator. It's a non-invasive experimental treatment, recently approved for rehabilitation."
"No, it's a mind flayer."
"It's a similar device, but we've found at low voltages it can be used to help soothe select traumatic memories. You'll see some pleasant colors, hear a light buzzing, and experience a great sense of relief in no time at all."
―A Mon Calamari technician and Penn Pershing[3]

Six-O-Two Mitigator was a device that was utilized by the New Republic Re-Integration Institute. It was a type of Mind Flayer, but been repurposed for experimental treatment, and used lower voltages, being designed to be a non-invasive treatment that causes relief.


The Six-O-Two Mitigator was a therapeutic device used for the non-invasive treatment of Imperial propaganda victims in the New Republic Re-Integration Institute; treated patients were approved to join the New Republic Amnesty Program but would be sent back in case they relapsed. The device used electricity to zap a patient's brain and mentally re-calibrate it to get rid of unwanted compulsions. The Re-Integration Institute used low-voltage zaps that induced hallucinations of pleasant colors and a light buzzing to the patient, bringing forth a great sense of relief. In these low voltages, the treatment was considered safe and patients remained healthy; it was, however, possible to increase the voltage dramatically, which would fry a patient's mind causing intense pain and discomfort.[3] It was a type of Mind Flayer,[1] though the New Republic claimed it was merely a similar device.[3]


"This isn't the Empire, son."
―The Mon Calamari technician, to Penn Pershing[3]
Mind Flayer MandoS3

The New Republic repurposed the Mind Flayer as a rehabilitation device.

Doctor Penn Pershing was forced to go through a mental recalibration using lower voltages, an experimental process thought to help soothe traumatic memories to help one overcome Imperial indoctrination. However, this process was sabotaged by Elia Kane, who increased the voltage to its maximum.[3]

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