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The Sixela System was a star system in the Outer Rim Territories, located in the Thuris sector. At least three planets orbited the blue giant Silexa. It was the sight of a major engagement in 1 ABY perpetuated by rogue Imperial Commander Rezi Soresh. The system was destroyed using prototype weapons, which triggered a supernova in the sun. The supernova failed to take out its intended targets, the Alliance Fleet and an Imperial Navy fleet led by Darth Vader. Soresh was killed after trying to blast the Rebel pilot Luke Skywalker after failing to turn Skywalker into his personal assassin.


The Silexa was a blue giant. At least three planets orbited the star. In 0 ABY, the system was destroyed when prototype weapons started a chain reaction in the star's core, triggering a supernova which turned the system into radiation and dust stretching across billions of kilometers.[1]


Galactic Empire Commander Rezi Soresh spent twenty-seven days fleeing the Empire after failed Darth Vader on Belazura. Soresh eventually stumbled across the Sixela system in his CloakShape fighter. He landed on a barren moon orbiting the third planet to reassess his options. Using his stored information to bribe and blackmail other officials, he slowly rebuilt his powerbase to trap the Rebel pilot Luke Skywalker, a key cause in his downfall.[1]

Eventually, Soresh had gathered enough supplies for his own compound and was able to trap a colony vessel full of 100 people to use as hostages. He took several of the Arkanians, as well as other beings, and drugged them to use as bodyguards.[1]

In the process of trapping Skywalker, Soresh also planned on taking his revenge on Darth Vader. Using his dubious resources, Soresh contacted the engineers at the hidden Maw Installation and took possession of a secret weapon. Meanwhile, Soresh planted secret intelligence with the Rebels, telling them Emperor Palpatine would be visiting the Imperial High Command in the system with a minimal guard. It would prove to be bait General Jan Dodonna could not resist.[1]

When Skywalker and his companions landed on Soresh's moon, Soresh had his impostor meet them. Solo gunned down the impostor while Skywalker strafed the compound. Luke Skywalker then landed, but a series of mines exploded, drawing Skywalker's attention to the hostages. Soresh, disguised as one of the colonists, captured Skywalker and his companions. Soresh tortured Skywalker, who pretended to become Soresh's servant to buy time for the Alliance Fleet to arrive. After two weeks, the Rebel fleet came out of hyperspace in the system. Vader's fleet arrived as well and engaged the Rebels. Skywalker escaped from Soresh during the commotion, and Soresh launched his secret weapon at the system's sun. He had acquired resonance torpedoes, which could turn a star into a supernova. Skywalker and Solo joined the battle waging in orbit.[1]

When the torpedoes hit the sun, they started a chain reaction in the core. The Rebel and Imperial fleets withdrew from the system, and Solo and Skywalker returned to the surface to evacuate the remaining hostages aboard their ship. The aged Jedi Ferus Olin dueled Darth Vader, who had landed on the surface. Olin was cut down, but his death bought time for the Rebels to escape.[1]

Soresh himself was killed when he tried to blast Skywalker, who was boarding the Millennium Falcon; The Rebels brought Olin's body aboard and left the system as well. A few minutes later, the supernova vaporized everything in the system.[1]

Orbital bodiesEdit

The system contained at least three planets. The third planet had a single barren red moon.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Sixela system first appeared in Alex Wheeler's 2010 book Rebel Force: Uprising. The only location specifically noted in the book was the barren moon which Rezi Soresh used as a base. Early in the book, Soresh's moon was said to be orbiting the third planet, but later it was said to orbit the sixth. A number of other errors exist. The battle in the system is the first chronological use of resonance torpedoes.[1]



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