The Skaak Tippers were a gang of renegade computer slicers, formed by a mysterious Corellian known only as the "Tipper." He took that monicker because he would "tip" the contents of other people's bank account into his own.


Skaak Tippers

A Skaak Tipper

The Skaak Tippers, who dealt in illegal trade of information, ripping of bank account and other acts of computer network crime, had several inspirations for the name of their organization. The "Tipper" part obviously was derived from the monicker of their leader. The "sk" in "Skaak" was inspired by the SK unit of measure for computer data, while "aak" was inspired by the ferocious aak dogs of Haruun Kal. The name was meant to give the impression that the Skaak Tipers were a pack of vicious computer hackers.


The Skaak Tippers were very active on Naboo during the Galactic Civil War.

When the gang started to cut into the smuggling business of Radeld Siwar on Naboo, Siwar sent a young smuggler to deal with the problem. The smuggler ambushed and killed several gang members near Theed to send the gang a message.

The Naboo Skaak Tippers suffered a major setback when agents of the Royal Naboo Security Forces assassinated their leaders, Jonni Skaak, Tomi Skaak and Dee Skaak, but continued their criminal activities nonetheless. At some point they even tried to steal all bank terminals from all over Kaadara.[1]



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