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"He said the Jedi will always have an ally here on Skako Minor."
Qin Yazal, as translated by Tech[6]

Skako Minor, sometimes referred to as simply Skako, was a planet that was the homeworld of the Poletec species. It was controlled by the Techno Union, whose headquarters was the city of Purkoll. Despite the Techno Union's ostensible neutrality, Skako Minor was captured by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars, and its successor, the Galactic Empire, maintained the occupation into the Galactic Civil War.


A temperate world, the planet Skako Minor's misty surface featured canyons, mountains, caverns, craters,[3] and fungal forests.[2] It had an atmosphere of hydrogen sulphide.[2] Native fauna included the large, flying reptiles[5] known as keeradaks.[6]


At some point, industrialist Skakoans native to the nearby planet of Skako traveled to Skako Minor, and eventually the headquarters of the Techno Union conglomerate were moved to the world after it became predominantly controlled by members of the species.[7] During the Separatist Crisis, the Union's Foreman, Wat Tambor, aligned the Techno Union with the cause of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, an alliance of disenchanted star systems led by the charismatic Count Dooku.[8]

The Union remained officially neutral,[7] but supported the Separatists' military efforts during the Clone Wars, including holding the captured Republic ARC trooper Echo in a Techno Union facility in the Skako Minor settlement of Purkoll, allowing the Confederacy to exploit a Republic strategy algorithm which Echo knew of against the Republic. In the last year of the war, a Republic incursion would violate the planet's corporate neutrality and free Echo.[1] After the war, the Techno Union was dissolved,[7] and Skako Minor came under occupation by the Galactic Empire,[2] the successor state to the Republic.[7]

Despite the fall of the CIS[9] and the Techno Union,[7] Echo—who, like most members of Clone Force 99, had abandoned the Imperial Military—suspected that he would still be trapped within the Techno Union headquarters on Skako Minor if he had never been rescued. He stated as such on the planet Daro, using Clone Force 99's experience rescuing him as a reason to extract former clone commando CC-5576 "Gregor" from an Imperial training center.[10]

Society and culture[]

Skako Minor

Skywalker: "Rex, what do we know about this place?"
Rex: "On this part of Skako, there's a race of locals, the Poletecs. All we know is they're very primitive."
Tech: "Primitive is being kind. My intel says the Poletecs worship flying reptiles."
Anakin Skywalker receives intel from Rex and Tech[1]

Skako Minor was the homeworld of the sentient Poletec species.[5] It also came to be inhabited by members of the Skakoan species, who could survive without the masks of their pressure suits in some areas of the planet.[2] The Poletec were a primitive species who worshipped large flying reptiles known as keeradaks. They remained neutral during the Clone Wars and lived in small settlements.[1]


"Tambor was Skako's most cherished son. For us, his personal workshop is a holy site."
Hallio Bas, on Tambor's personal workspace[2]

Forces of the Galactic Empire on Skako Minor during the Son-tuul Pride's mission to the planet

The Techno Union built their headquarters,[3] the city of Purkoll, on Skako Minor, nearby a Poletec village.[1] It was also the location of a Techno Union cache, which served as the personal workshop of Wat Tambor and was treated as a holy site by the Skakoan people.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

"The Techno Union owns everything on this planet, including the primitives."
―Wat Tambor, in the story reel for "On the Wings of Keeradaks"[6]

Concept art of the Skako Minor city Purkoll

Skako Minor was created for "The Bad Batch" arc of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television show, first being mentioned in the episode "The Bad Batch"[11] and then appearing for the first time in the episode "A Distant Echo."[1] The episodes were first aired as unfinished production reels in 2015.[12] During the episodes, several characters refer to Skako Minor as just Skako,[1] but the 2018 roleplaying supplement Fully Operational established that the two were separate worlds.[7] The trivia gallery for "A Distant Echo" also erroneously referred to Skako Minor as "home of the Skakoan people" instead of Skako.[13]



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