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"The Techno Union owns everything on this planet."
―Wat Tambor[src]

Skako Minor, also referred to simply as Skako, was a planet located in the galaxy's Core Worlds that was the homeworld of the Skakoan and Poletec species. It was controlled by the Techno Union, whose headquarters was the city of Purkoll, and homeworld of Wat Tambor, foreman of the aforementioned commerce guild and member of the Separatist Council. Despite the Techno Union's ostensible neutrality, Skako Minor was captured by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars, and its successor, the Galactic Empire, maintained the occupation into the Galactic Civil War.


Located in the galaxy's Core Worlds, in grid square L-9 on the Standard Galactic Grid, the planet Skako Minor sat between Brentaal and Fedalle on the Hydian Way hyperspace route.[1] A temperate world, its misty surface featured canyons, mountains, caverns, craters,[4] and fungal forests.[3] It had an atmosphere[5] of hydrogen sulphide,[3] which had a unique pressure.[5]

Skako Minor was the homeworld of eight-eyed, gasbag-headed vine walkers known as octuptarras,[5] as well as large, flying creatures[7] known as keeradaks.[8]


Skako was also the homeworld of the sentient Skakoan species, and its atmospheric pressure required them to wear pressure suits to survive off-world; otherwise, they would explode when exposed to standard oxygen-based atmospheres. Wat Tambor, the foreman of the Techno Union during the final years of the Republic, was a male Skakoan from this world.[5]


Imperials on skako

Forces of the Galactic Empire including stormtroopers on Skako Minor during the Son-tuul Pride Mission to to Skako Minor

The Techno Union built their headquarters,[4] the city of Purkoll, on Skako Minor, nearby a Poletec village.[2] It was also the location of a Techno Union cache, which served as the personal workshop of Wat Tambor and was treated as a holy site by the Skakoan people.[3]

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Skako was first mentioned in the new Star Wars canon in a featurette[9] included in Star Wars: The Clone Wars The Complete Season One, a box set available on Blu-ray or DVD that included the entire first season of the canon animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars[10] that was released on November 3, 2009.[11] It first appeared in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode "A Distant Echo".[2] It was originally created for Cloak of Deception, a Star Wars Legends novel written by James Luceno[12] that was released on May 29, 2001.[13]



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