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Skakoan bio engineers

Skakoan combat engineers.

"But sir, the brain modulations aren't fully integrated or tested yet; specimen control cannot be guaranteed."
"No matter. Grievous grows impatient; we must deliver the prototypes."
"But we're just not ready!"
"Our concerns are of little consequence to General Grievous.
―A Skakoan combat engineer and the main Techno Union scientist[src]

Skakoan combat engineers were Skakoans that worked in the science of combat engineering. They worked on the planet Nelvaan for General Grievous and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. There they performed crude experiments on the native Nelvaanians, turning them into hideous mutated cyborgs using a unique form of microelectronics for General Grievous to call them his elite and for the war. The engineers were either hurt or killed by Anakin Skywalker before they could escape the planet in their Hardcell-class interstellar transport.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The Skakoan combat engineers were voiced by James Arnold Taylor, while the main Techno Union scientist was voiced by Nick Jameson.



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