This complex religion was practiced by the Skakoans. Their sacred text was the Book of the Boolmide, their main holy place were the Power Mounds of the Elders on Skako, and their high priests were the Elders. During the Clone Wars, the chief Elder was Clongor.

An important artifact of the Skakoan religion was the (possibly metaphorical) Eye of the Albino Cyclops, which could only be reached by a certain individual (one of whom was Wat Tambor). According to the Book of the Boolmide, when its text was read by the Elders at the Power Mounds in the presence of a chosen one, she or he would be taken to the "Gates of Grontessiant," a higher plane of existence. There, if the being was worthy, he would be approached by Four See Seers of the Cyclops and their Lord Being of the Swirblies. Only after they had cleansed the being would he be allowed to approach the Albino Cyclops.



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