"You were not the first to challenge me, Ceh'let. I have crushed all who opposed me, as I have crushed you… as I will crush these obstacles to my will—the Je'daii!"

Skal'nas was a male Rakata Predor of the Infinite Empire. Considered ruthless even by the standards of his people, and adept at treachery and combat, Skal'nas reached his high rank by fighting his way up from low beginnings and had a bad temper. Trill, Skal'nas's Force Hound, sensed a Force-rich planet deep within the Deep Core but could not precisely locate it, so Skal'nas summoned Predor Tul'kar and his force hound Xesh to help him find it. When Xesh said he could locate the world, Skal'nas followed protocol and let Tul'kar be the one to invade it, but also said that they would share the prize. However, the planned invasion came to naught when Tul'kar's ship crashed over Tython and Tul'kar himself was murdered by his own Force Hound Xesh. Not knowing what had happened, Skal'nas thought that Tul'kar had disabled his ship's reporting device so he would be able to keep all of the planet for himself. Enraged by this, he sent Trill to find Tython, and Xesh and Tul'kar, and bring both of them back dead or alive.


Born within Infinite Space, Skal'nas was sensitive to the Force like the rest of his species. At some point, Skal'nas had became very ruthless, even by Rakata standards, adept at treachery and combat, and had a bad temper.

Skal'nas became a member of the Infinite Empire, working his way up through the ranks through fighting and brutality, eventually gaining the title of Predor of the Infinite Empire. Skal'nas eventually became the superior to Predor Tul'kar and Sub-Predor Ceh'let, though Tul'kar resented Skal'nas' control over him. At some point, Tul'kar's Force Hound, Xesh, engaged in a duel with the Force Hound Trill, but saved her life when Xesh suggested to give Trill to Skal'nas as a gift, which Skal'nas accepted happily.

Skalnas and Tulkar

Skal'nas and Tul'kar arguing.

At some point, Skal'nas sent Tul'kar on a mission to capture the Force-rich world of Tatooine. However, during the culling, the planet's massive cities were destroyed, eventually turning the planet into a desert seas. While transporting the sensitives, Skal'nas sent Ore'mun to Tatooine to send Tul'kar back to Rakata Space while Ore'mun watched over the culling. However, Tul'kar killed Skal'nas' messenger and ate him. Soon, Tul'kar returned to Skal'nas with his Force Hound to find out what he wanted. Skal'nas informed Tul'kar of Trill being able to sense a Force-rich world in the Deep Core, but wasn't able to find it. When Xesh stated that he could find the planet, Skal'nas followed protocol and allowed Tul'kar to invade the planet, but they would have to share the prize.[2] However, unknown to Tul'kar, Skal'nas gained influence over Xesh, turning him into Skal'nas' spy.

During the invasion, Tul'kar was murdered by Xesh and Tul'kar's ship crashed onto Tython. Now knowing what happened to the Rakatan fleet, Skal'nas became infuriated, thinking the Tul'kar disabled his ship's reporting device so that Tul'kar could keep the planet to himself. He then sent Trill to hunt down Tython, and Xesh and Tul'kar, wanting them to be brought back to him, dead or alive.

Sometime later, Skal'nas continued the planned invasion of the Tython system, with Sub-Predor Ceh'let helping him. During the invasion, Skal'nas and his fleet came across the Je'daii, who fought to defend their home. Soon, Ceh'let's ship was being fired upon and Skal'nas told the female Rakata to retreat, and she did so, but not before defying him. Skal'nas retreated to Ska Gora, where Ceh'let would later join him. Skal'nas told Ceh'let that the Rakata were starting to lose their force-sensitivity and that the Rakata would need to start using the Infinity Gates on Tython. He also said that they would rule Tython together once they defeated the Je'daii, though this was a lie. Once Ceh'let lowered her defense, Skal'nas killed her with Force lightning for defying him.[3]

Later, on Tython, Skal'nas dueled both Xesh and his brother, only to be sliced across the chest, falling to his death within a pool of acid.[1]



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