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"These-a beasties don't like the geysers neither."
―Jar Jar Binks — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

The skalder were a mammalian desert species of herbivorous quadrupeds[1] native to the plains of the planet Florrum. Primarily inhabiting lands filled with acidic geysers, the beasts had to ability to sense when the geysers would soon erupt in order to get to a safe distance. They were not normally ridden by sentient beings, but were surprisingly fast, and during the Clone Wars a group of Galactic Republic clone troopers led by Jar Jar Binks managed to mount and ride wild skalder during their mission to Florrum.[2]

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The skalder was designed by artist Sergio Paez to be featured in season one of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.[4]



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