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"These-a beasties don't like the geysers neither."
―Jar Jar Binks — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

The skalder was a herbivorous non-sentient pachydermoid animal native to Doshar fields on Florrum.

Biology and appearanceEdit


Skalders running from a erupting acid geyser

Skalders had two tusks protruding from either side of their mouth and a large hump protruding from the base of the neck. They moved on four dense legs with three toes on each foot.

These creatures also had thick hides to protect them from the acid geysers found on the desert fields they made their homes. A skalder hit by a blaster shot didn't appear to have been much affected due to its thick skin.


These animals were ridden by Jar Jar Binks and his troops when they were chasing pirates on swoop bikes during the mission to Florrum. The clones were offered some protection from return fire by hunching down behind the hump on the skalders' necks. The skalder's speed was evidenced by their ability to catch up to the motorized swoops.

Behind the scenesEdit

The skalder is likely patterned after the primeval reptile species Placerias.



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