"Not like anyone but the Hutts have been trying to move on Skar'kla territory"
Cad Bane[src]

The Skar'kla Consortium was a criminal organization which existed shortly before the Clone Wars, at which time it was lead by a young Bothan crime lord named Akris Ur'etu.


Prior to the Clone Wars, the Skar'kla Consortium was taken over by a young Bothan named Akris Ur'etu. Various Hutt criminals attempted to take control of Skar'kla territory while Ur'etu was in control; eventually, one of them hired a bounty hunter to impersonate a Jedi and harass Skar'kla operations and then kill Ur'etu. To defend himself from what he believed was a Jedi, Ur'etu hired the Duros bounty hunter Cad Bane to kill the assassin. Bane however allowed the bounty hunter to kill Ur'etu before defeating him in turn and making a deal to collect the crime lord's bounty himself and be taught how to make the imposter's equipment.[1]

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The Skar'kla Consortium first appeared in the short story Reputation which was written by Ari Marmell and published in Star Wars Insider 136 in 2012.



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