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Skarl was a Nelvaanian male bounty hunter and a partner of Dranok during the Cold War. The bounty hunters were hired by Darth Scabrous to deliver to him a Murakami orchid. After arriving at the Sith Academy on Odacer-Faustin Skarl waited outside Darth Scabrous's tower while his partner Dranok went inside to make the delivery and receive payment, unaware that Dranok was planning on betraying Skarl so as not to have to split the reward. However, Dranok had received a fake orchid, but tried to pass it off as the real one anyway. Scabrous had already determined it was not the real orchid, as Dranok did not have a telepathically-bonded Jedi with him, which the orchid required to live. Scabrous had Skarl beheaded and the head was served to Dranok, with the promise that if Dranok ate it he would be allowed to leave despite trying to cheat him. Dranok, however, tried to kill Scabrous but was defeated and left as food for the zombies.

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