The Skee was a two-headed creature that was loyal to Morag the Tulgah witch. The beast was quite strong, and its two heads worked together when eating. Its jaws were strong enough to snap bones in half and consume them in a matter of seconds. Besides its two heads, Morag's pet had six limbs and two tails. It was quite quick and scurried on the floor on all its paws. It was present at Morag's lair during Morag's final conflict with the Ewok Shaman Logray and taunted the Ewok children Wicket Wystri Warrick, Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka, Latara, and Teebo who had been forced into servitude by Morag. Wicket attempted to frighten the creature away by throwing a bone at it, but the two-headed monster simply caught the bone in its mouths and consumed the bone quickly. When Logray arrived at Mount Thunderstone, Morag ordered her Yuzzum guards and her two-headed pet to attack Logray. However, before the beast could reach the elderly Ewok, young Teebo grabbed the creature and threw it aside. After recovering, the pet tried to resume its attack, but Logray used the Sunstar to create a flash of light, and the Yuzzum and the two-headed creature retreated.

Although the pet may have escaped Morag's lair at this moment, it was more than likely killed when Morag flooded her fortress with lava once she had taken the sunstar from Logray. It was not seen escaping the lair with Morag's Yuzzum guards during this occurrence, meaning that it either escaped during the early part of the attack, or was simply killed by the lava.

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