"I'm on Skeebo. Something terrible has happened! Anachro, my sweet, buxom bride, my voluminous vision of loveliness—has been kidnapped."
―Message from Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo to Boba Fett[3]

Skeebo, also known as the Jewel of the Five Systems, was a rocky Outer Rim Territories planet located in the Shadola sector. At some point long before 10 ABY, the Skeebos of Skeeb erected pyramidal stone funeral palaces in a region of the planet known as the sacred valley. On their honeymoon in that year, the Hutts Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo and Anachro visited Skeebo. During the pair's tour, the Skaver swoop gang kidnapped Anachro, holding her hostage for a one-million-credit-large ransom. In response, Gorga hired the bounty hunter Boba Fett to rescue his wife, while Anachro's father, Orko, also traveled to Skeebo with the same goal in mind.

Fett discovered that the Skeebo City Konstabulary Kaptain Voor was collaborating with the Skavers and forced the corrupt officer to lead him to the criminals' hidden base. In the meantime, the Herglic Ry-Kooda, who was seeking vengeance on Fett, Gorga, and Orko for the death of his brother, Bar-Kooda, attacked Orko's starship while it was arriving on Skeebo. Skavers accidentally shot Ry-Kooda's ship down, although the nigh-invulnerable Herglic merely proceeded to commandeer one of the criminals' trucks in order to travel to a confrontation with Fett at the Skavers' hideout. There, Fett liberated Anachro from imprisonment, only to run into Ry-Kooda at the entrance to a cavern. During the ensuing brawl, Fett caused the cave to collapse on top of Ry-Kooda, which led him to incorrectly assume that the Herglic had been killed. The bounty hunter then returned Anachro to her family, and the newly-wed Hutts soon returned to their home on the planet Tatooine.


"There's a network of old mine tunnels leading to a secret canyon in the crags."
―Kaptain Voor[3]

Skeebo, also known as the Jewel of the Five Systems, was a rocky planet[3] located in the Skeebo system, a part of the Shadola sector[1] in the Slice portion of[2] the Outer Rim Territories.[1] Two moons loomed large in Skeebo's reddish skies, and the planet's surface featured both open plains of broken terrain and tall rocky spires, several of which looked as if they had been split open at their tops.[3]


Honeymoon interrupted[]

"They want a million credits ransom—a million!"
―Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo, on the Skavers[3]

Anachro is kidnapped.

In 10 ABY,[4] the Hutts Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo,[3] nephew of[5] the crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure,[6] and Anachro, daughter of the affluent merchant Orko, were wed on[3] the Arkanis sector planet[7] Tatooine. Afterward, the newlyweds went on a honeymoon tour, the first stop of which was Skeebo. There, the Hutts, carried by locals, visited the planet's sacred valley.[3]

At that point, the local[3] swoop gang[5] known as the Skavers, which had been tipped off about the Hutts' visit by the corrupt Skeebo City Konstabulary Kaptain Voor, carried out a raid on the sacred valley. The locals who had accompanied Gorga and Anachro abandoned them at the sight of the approaching Skavers, who then proceeded to kidnap Gorga's wife and take her to the gang's hidden base in Skeebo's southern crags.[3]

The bounty hunter and the Herglic[]

"My price will be a hundred thousand."
"Exorbitant as usual—but I'm in no position to argue. Just tell me what to do."
"Very well. I suggest you pay the ransom."
―Boba Fett and Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo[3]

Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo (center) meets Boba Fett (top, center) and Kaptain Voor (right) on Skeebo.

Gorga subsequently sought refuge in one of the edifices standing in view of the sacred valley's funeral palaces and transmitted a video message to the bounty hunter Boba Fett,[3] whom Gorga had previously hired[8] and who had just hunted down the individual Toxus Li. Informed about the kidnapping, Fett traveled to Skeebo on his starship,[3] the Slave I,[9] and met Gorga and Voor there. After Gorga had hired Fett to rescue Anachro from the Skavers, the bounty hunter instructed Gorga to procure the one-million-credit ransom payment demanded by the kidnappers.[3]

Around the same time on the[3] Wild Space[10] world[11] Rutal IV,[3] the Lizling[12] Boz informed his companion, the aggressive[3] Herglic[13] Ry-Kooda, of the death of the latter's brother, the pirate Bar-Kooda.[3] Fett had previously captured Bar-Kooda for Gorga, and the Hutt had had the pirate killed and prepared as a meal for his engagement dinner with Anachro and Orko.[8] Upon learning of the news, Ry-Kooda vowed to avenge his brother's death by killing Fett, Gorga,[13] and Orko;[14] subsequently, the Herglic and Boz, accompanied by three former members of Bar-Kooda's crew, traveled to Skeebo aboard a starship.[3]

Pursuit in the Old Quarter[]

"Must've been a bug in the bag. I ditched it. There's your cut. Let us know when the next bigwig hits planet."
"Grief! What an appalling stench!"
―A Skaver and Kaptain Voor[3]

An agent of Gorga carries the ransom money through Skeebo's Old Quarter.

On Skeebo, a Skaver contacted Gorga, instructing him to send a person carrying the ransom money to walk through[3] the settlement[15] known as the Old Quarter at local mid-day—threatening to execute Anachro by hanging if the Hutt did not comply. Formulating a plan for discovering the location of the Skaver base, Fett prepared for the upcoming mission by placing both Gorga's ransom money and a tracer in a bag in which the bounty hunter had previously stored the severed head of Toxus Li.[3]

At the appointed time, a group of Skavers on swoops snatched the bag with the money from Gorga's agent in the Old Quarter, only to be followed and eventually engaged by Fett, who was riding a swoop of his own. The bounty hunter eliminated two of the criminals, but a third one disposed of the bag—and the tracer in it—and rendezvoused with Voor in a nearby building, where the Skaver handed the law enforcement officer his cut of the ransom payment. However, Fett used a sensitive olfactory sensor to track the scented money and subsequently kill the Skaver and force Voor to lead him to the criminals' hideout.[3]

Attack on Orko[]

"We're entering Skeebo orbit, Orko."
"Get me Gorga! I want to give him a piece of my mind!"
―Orko is informed by a crewmember of his starship[3]

Having learned of Anachro's predicament, Orko also traveled to Skeebo around that time aboard his starship[3] in order to rescue his daughter.[16] As the vessel was entering orbit around Skeebo, Orko's servant Hirsoot, who had been secretly hired by Gorga to kill his master, unsuccessfully attempted to poison the Hutt—which soon proved to be just one[3] in a series of such attempts that Hirsoot made on Orko's life.[3][17]

Ry-Kooda's starship attacks Orko's vessel above Skeebo's surface.

As Orko's ship was making a landing approach over Skeebo's surface, the vessel piloted by Ry-Kooda caught up with it and opened fire, causing the Hutt's craft to commence evasive maneuvering—which in turn foiled another attempt by Hirsoot to kill Orko by dropping a cluster of lamps on him. The skirmish was observed by Fett and Voor, who had by that time arrived at the southern crags. That area, however, was being used by the Skavers to ambush starships arriving on Skeebo, and one of the criminals did so by launching a missile that, although it had been aimed for Orko's ship, struck down the vessel of Ry-Kooda instead.[3]

Rescue of Anachro[]

"I think not!"
―Ry-Kooda and Boba Fett[3]

As the Skavers then advanced on the crashed ship, Voor attempted to alert them to Fett's presence, which caused the hunter to engage the criminals in a lightfight. Meanwhile, the nearly-invulnerable Ry-Kooda and his companions exited their ship and commandeered a Skaver wheeled truck, forcing its driver to take them to the criminals' base.[3]

Boba Fett rescues Anachro from Skeendu.

After Voor had led Fett to the Skavers' hideout, the bounty hunter silently dispatched the criminals guarding Anachro. Suspending the Hutt by her neck and tail on ropes attached to his swoop, Fett attempted to lift her out of the structure in which she was held prisoner, only for Anachro to become stuck in the opening in its roof. The attention of the Skavers in the base was drawn to the rescue attempt when Fett broke Anachro out of the structure, and a stray blaster shot severed one of the ropes, leaving the Hutt hanging suspended by her neck alone. Fett was forced to deposit Anachro in a mining rail truck and then drive the vehicle in an attempt to escape from the mountain complex.[3]

Near the rails' end, the truck crashed into Ry-Kooda, who had by that time arrived at the same cavern entrance. The Herglic and the bounty hunter then engaged in a brawl during which the raw strength of the former allowed him to gain the upper hand initially. Fett, however, launched a concussion grenade at the cavern's ceiling and himself sped out into the open. The resultant explosion led to the entire cave collapsing on top of Ry-Kooda.[3]


"How long has your wife been getting these queasy spells?"
"Oh, ever since Skeebo, I suppose—on our post-nuptial tour."
―Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo's doctor inquiring about the Hutt's wife, Anachro[17]

Gorga meets Orko at the latter's starship, with Boba Fett and Anachro approaching in the distance.

Assuming that the Herglic had perished, Fett then loaded Anachro into the abandoned Skavers' truck for transportation back to Gorga in Skeebo City. Near the settlement, they rendezvoused with Gorga and Orko at the landing site of the former's starship. The two Hutts were engaged in a heated argument fuelled by Orko's suspicions that Gorga had arranged the attack on his ship. The newly-arrived Anachro managed to dissuade the tension between the two by explaining what had actually happened, although Fett privately doubted that the feud between Gorga and Orko was over[3]—and was proven right when Gorga later hired him to assassinate Orko on Tatooine.[17]

Contrary to Fett and Gorga's assumptions, Ry-Kooda had, in fact, survived the collapse of the cave. While Boz was still mourning the apparent demise of his companion, two[17] of Bar-Kooda's former crewmembers[8] attempted to kill the Lizling in retaliation for the indignation that, in their opinion, he had previously caused to them. At that moment, however, Ry-Kooda emerged from the rubble under which he had been buried. The Herglic, Boz, and their two underlings eventually traveled to Tatooine, where Ry-Kooda would once again encounter Orko, Gorga, and Fett.[17]

Shortly after Anachro's rescue,[14] Gorga and his wife returned to the former's palace on Tatooine. There, Gorga's doctor determined from the stomach symptoms that, according to Gorga, Anachro had been experiencing since their visit on Skeebo that the Hutt was pregnant with a Huttlet.[17]


"And who are these kidnappers you're so good at preventing, Kaptain?"
"Skavers—criminals and renegades. They operate from a base in the southern crags—goodness knows where. They make their living waylaying passing ships—and kidnapping, of course."
―Boba Fett and Kaptain Voor[3]

At some point, Skeebo was home to a group known as the Skeebos of Skeeb. Much later, the planet was inhabited by various Basic-speaking humanoids,[3] with the residents of Skeebo's Old Quarter using both speeders and at least one type of beast of burden for transportation.[15] Skeebo was also home to the criminal Skaver gang, who committed ambushes on arriving starships and ransom kidnappings of prominent visitors to the planet. Skeebo City Konstabulary was tasked with combating the threat posed by the Skavers.[3]


"—and here, in the sacred valley, the ancient Skeebos of Skeeb built their magnificent funeral palaces—monuments to their greatness that would last for ten thousand years."
―The tour guide of Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo and Anachro[3]

The southern crags area on Skeebo

Skeebo was the location of the settlements known as Skeebo City and the Old Quarter.[3] The latter consisted of dilapidated brick buildings,[15] including stone archways and squat tower-like structures,[3] and open-air marketplaces.[15] The region known as the sacred valley housed pyramidal stone funeral palaces built by the Skeebos of Skeeb as monuments to their greatness that would last for ten millennia. The sacred valley also featured structures similar to those found in the Old Quarter. In addition, in view of several of the funeral palaces lay a pair of edifices[3] similar in appearance to Orko's palace on Tatooine.[17] Skeebo's southern crags area was the site of a network of old mining tunnels. They led to a secret canyon in which the Skaver gang had constructed the mountain redoubt known as Skeendu.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Skeebo first appeared in When the Fat Lady Swings,[3] the second entry in the Star Wars: Boba Fett[18] series of one-shot comic books.[19] The issue was written by John Wagner, illustrated by Cam Kennedy, and published by Dark Horse Comics[3] on September 18, 1996.[18] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed the Skeebo system, and therefore the planet itself, in grid square U-8.[2]


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