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"Imp or Sith come, we'll drive 'em off like we did Black Sun!"

Skeeto Rawk was a Force-sensitive Human male. He was the adoptive child of Nat Skywalker, then going by the alias "Bantha" Rawk, and Droo Rawk, and the step-sibling of Ahnah Rawk and Micah, during the time of the Second Imperial Civil War.


Skeeto fought with his family in defending the Nest from Black Sun invaders. His family was also assisted by the Mynock, piloted by Cade Skywalker, Jariah Syn and Deliah Blue.

Four days later, Skeeto and his family were enjoying a day in the pool, playing ball with Jariah Syn. His family later watched the holonews about the Massacre on Mon Calamari. It was then that Cade revealed that he was a Skywalker. Afterward, Skeeto and his family, except his father, moved to Kiffu.

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