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The inhabitants of Moorjhone are reduced to skeletons on the Day of Three Suns.

"Check it out! Skeletons!"
Whie Malreaux on Vjun[1]

A skeleton was the bony structure that supported the body of many organisms in most species.

People with skeletons had weak points in their limb joints and skull, making these points more susceptible to injuries.[2]

Some people suffered from degenerative bone disorders, and could have their skeleton augmented with high-impact polymers. Because the skeletal reinforcements had to be integrated with the subject's tendons and ligaments, an oversight could result in chronic muscle fatigue as muscles overextended and pulled free of the reinforced bones.[3]

There were many sentient and non-sentient species that did not have internal skeletons. Many species had exoskeletons in place of an internal, bony framework, while other species possessed no internal or external body structure at all.


The skeleton of the kreegon magically comes to life.

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The skeleton of Salak Weet.

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