"Ah, the Skeleton Straits. Don't worry, that part of the track is so dangerous it was closed after an entire group of racers went in and never came out. They sealed the entrance and called it a memorial."
―Kidd Kareen, a Podracer pilot, describes Skeleton Straits[src]

Skeleton Straits was a portion of a Podracing course known as the Mon Gazza Maze, located on the planet of Mon Gazza. Skeleton Straits was regarded as one of the most dangerous Podracing locations known, especially after an entire pack of pilots entered the area, only to all crash. Skeleton Straits was closed down after the event and turned into a memorial for those who had died. Skeleton Straits was primarily made up of a ravine that sped between to cliffs. The cliffs were very tall, and were dotted with bridges and buildings.[1]

During a Maze event that took place during 22 BBY, the Podracer pilot San Maxus drove into the Straits in order to deliver stolen Republic army intelligence to an agent working for the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Asajj Ventress. He was foiled by the Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano, who had pursued him into the Straits with her own Podracer. Tano damaged his racer with her lightsaber, which in turn caused him to crash. The intelligence was destroyed, and Ventress was forced to flee.[1]


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