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The Skine sector was a sector in the Outer Rim Territories close to the Bajic sector. Planets in the sector included Lucrenn, Skine, Skynara, and Wodenstam. It was one endpoint for the Five Veils' Tour hyperlane, serviced by the luxury star yacht Veil of Skynara. The sector was home to significant Rebel Alliance activity as well as the criminal Tenloss Syndicate.


The Skine sector was a sector of space located in the Outer Rim Territories,[1] nearby the Lybeya system of the Bajic sector.[7] It was bordered Coreward by the Thuris, Dail, Lol, Merel, Samix, and Sujimis sectors.[8] It contained the planets Lucrenn, Wodenstam,[1] Skine,[9] and Skynara. The sector was also the end point for the Five Veils' Tour hyperspace trade route, which ran from Skynara to Farstine, a methane world.[3]


During the period of the Galactic Civil War, the luxury space yacht Veil of Skynara made regular cruises and short trips along the Five Veils' Tour, carrying aboard a renowned Balved Sculpture that was also called the Veil of Skynara. The high number of Rebel warships in the Skine sector caused a drop in the yacht's passenger numbers. In order to offset this and to ensure its security, the yacht was escorted by Imperial forces on the final leg of its journey.[3] The Five Veils' Tour was also used by spice smugglers traveling to the Vergesso Asteroids.[10]

The Tenloss Syndicate

In addition to Rebel presence, Skine sector was also home to a number of criminal enterprises affiliated with the Tenloss Syndicate. Known as one of the largest non-Hutt criminal organizations in the Outer Rim, Tenloss was founded in the Bajic sector, but subsequently spread into not only the Skine, but also the Astal, Dail, and Lol sectors. Involved in a diverse range of criminal activities, Tenloss affiliates in the Skine sector included Galindas Exports and Lucross Collections. Galindas Exports was centered on the planet Lucrenn, running "mass-market" fencing operations and passing the stolen good off to various smuggler guilds. In addition to Lucrenn, Galindas also maintained a number of secret asteroid bases throughout the sector.[1] Tenloss funneled a large volume of stolen goods from the nearby Lybeya system through Galindas.[7] A highly centralized business, Lucross Collections gained a reputation for its overzealous agents, and operated out of Wodenstam. It was also involved in loan sharking and credit laundering.[1]

The Skine sector was also home to the Skine Bounty Hunter College located on the planet Skine. Despite its name, the College was not a training institute, but rather a loosely affiliated network of bounty hunters, spies, smugglers, and other informants. Operating throughout the Empire, as well as in Wild Space and the Unknown Regions, the Skine Bounty Hunter College specialized in tracking down targets that had a track record of evading Imperial capture. Its chief executive council preferred working with individual corporations and private citizens, using highly specialized hunters to track down their targets.[9] Also operating in the sector was the Ragnar Syndicate, a large bounty hunter guild originally founded in the Merel sector.[4]

By the time of the New Sith Empire, Skynara and the Skine sector were one of the few regions that were still influenced by the remnant of the Galactic Alliance Remnant led by Admiral Gar Stazi.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

The Skine sector was first mentioned in Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments from the Rim, a West End Games roleplaying sourcebook published in 1993, and was subsequently expanded on in later sourcebooks in the Galaxy Guide series. The sector was also featured in The Essential Atlas and its Online Companion, although no new systems were placed within its bounds.


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