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Skinwolves were the name given to a set of wolves that lived on the planet Parnassos. Whilst helping General Brendol Hux back to his ship, three Scyre warriors led by Phasma and 3 First Order stormtroopers fought a group of skinwolves in a desert.


Their eyes were bright red and were able to growl loudly. They were hairless and had wet greyish skin. Their legs were described as being long and bent backwards, being covered with warts and bumps. Their skin was thick and rough, without any weakspots, which allowed them to withstand multiple blows from close-combat weapons. They are very susceptible to blaster fire.[1]

The beast was a carnivorous scavenger. They were able to slink with ease whilst hunting in groups and following a leader. Due to their long legs they were fast sprinters and runners.[1]

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