Skip 1 was the primary asteroid that was part of Smuggler's Run. It was home to a spaceport and massive smuggling facility, as well as the typical locales associated with smugglers, including cantinas and casinos. Navigating the asteroid field was very treacherous, thus making Smuggler's Run a very secure hideout. Skip 1 was the largest of several asteroids named "Skip". The asteroid almost exploded once due to a mysterious slime.


Boba Fett and some of his bounty hunter associates had quarters there, and by 17 ABY, these had been abandoned and converted into an eating area. Later that year, Skip 1 was damaged after droids containing bombs, which were meant to be smuggled to Coruscant as part of Dark Jedi Kueller's New Rebellion, exploded, resulting in the deaths of a number of smugglers. Han Solo and Lando Calrissian managed to save some of the injured, by flying them to the nearby Wrea system for treatment.



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