Skip 5 was an asteroid in the Smuggler's Run.[1] It was the homeworld of the Jedi Knight Traavis.[2]

It was very hot, with an internal temperature that was about 40 centigrade that made it almost unbearable for most species. As a result, it was abandoned during the time that Han Solo was a regular on the Run. About a decade before, it was occupied by a group of smugglers, who lived there for months, but eventually ended up killing each other in a fight that was supposedly started by the heat.[1]

In around 17 ABY, Jawas were brought there to help repair damaged Imperial equipment that the smugglers were smuggling for the Dark Jedi Kueller. It was presumably damaged after droids with explosives in them, that were bound for Coruscant, were detonated by Kueller.[1]



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