"You might have had bounty if you'd only shown a little kindness. But instead you offered only hatred and fear. Such is the way of things. If you pour bitterness into something, it bears only bitter fruit. So it was with my seeds. These Drengir are a well-deserved harvest for a farmer such as you."
―Iren, to the counter-altruistic farmer Menir[src]

Skirl's surrounding woodland

Skirl was a small village located on the distant planet Batuu. Surrounded by ancient, misty woodland on three sides that marked one of the most fertile and beautiful part of Batuu, Skirl had a quiet community of farmers who grew grain. During the peaceful days of the High Republic Era, Skirl's fields were owned by their farmers, with the farmer Menir selling his crops to slavers for them to feed their slaves at the nearby Black Spire Outpost.[1]

Originally a Wild Space mercenary, Menir had settled in Skirl to live a quiet life, marrying a local woman named Elise for love. However, over the years, Menir had become set in his ways, fiercely protective of his village and its people and unwilling to let any change happen. When Elise invited Iren, a stranger visiting the village, into their house, Menir grew furious and hurled the traveler out of the house. With Iren gone, a saddened Elise pointed out that the stranger's sole possessions—a leather pouch containing a few seeds—remained inside their house. Menir thus took the pouch, mocking the fact that it held only three seeds before tossing it out of his door and into the garden.[1]

As a result of Menir's bitterness, the seeds out on the soft, damp ground took root. They grew into monstrous creatures known as the Drengir, abducting Cleeve, a young boy of Skirl, draining away his vitality. The Drengir also haunted the residents of the village, rapping on houses' windows and spoiling all of the crops. The Drengir then wrecked the village, leaving Skirl in ruins.[1]

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