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In the aftermath of the skirmish on the planet of Batuu, Grysk prisoners broke out from there detention cells and had an encounter with Commander Kimmund and his legion, aboard the Chimaera.[1]

After breaking into one of the Grysk heavy freighters, Kimmund and his legion found some surrendering Grysk soldiers. Chiss Grand Admiral Thrawn ordered Kimmund to take the prisoners for examination aboard the Chimaera. With the prisoners safely aboard the Chimaera, Thrawn had the prisoners put in an area reserved only for TIE pilots. Kimmund felt uncomfortable with this, because of how close it was to the hangar bay if they were to break out.[1]

So, Kimmund and a few others would spend the night aboard the Darkhawk. After a brief hangout, they heard a thud, which turned out to be Rukh, Thrawn's Noghri bodyguard.[1]

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