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This skirmish at the Shi'kar Straits took place around 21 BBY, during the Clone Wars. After the aftermath of the battle on the planet of Kiros, Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker were continuing their search for the lost population of Togrutas. After Grand Master Yoda indicated that the missing Kiros population of Togruta was blamed on the Jedi, Kenobi suggested that they should search the Zygerria system for further investigation. Skywalker orchestrated the mission, while his Padawan Ahsoka Tano, Kenobi and Captain CT-7567 joined him. After departing in the Twilight, they journeyed into what remained from the Shi'kar homeworld and found a Zygerrian Freighter-class vessel named the Fate's Hand.

The group docked and were greeted by the ship's captain, Onyx. As Skywalker and Kenobi used Tano as "merchandise" for the Zygerrian slavers, they soon activated their lightsabers and fought them. Clone troopers backed them up and the Zygerrians were soon forced to retreat back into the cockpit of the freighter. Tano, who faked injury, was captured by the Zygerrians and was held for random. Skywalker, Kenobi, and Rex journeyed back into the freighter and rescued Tano. They forced Onyx to reveal the location of the missing Togruta population, and were told that they're being traded in an auction on the Zygerrian homeworld.


Around 21 BBY,[4] the aftermath of the Battle of Kiros caused the Togruta population of the planet to disappear. Grand Master Yoda contacted High General Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Anakin Skywalker to alert them of the disappearance of the population. While the Jedi were blamed, Kenobi noticed that something was out-of-place. He then revealed that their was activity in the Zygerria system, which was brought to Yoda's attention. The Zygerrians were no stranger to the elder Jedi Master, and an investigation in their system would be necessary.

Staging the mission to the Zygerria system, Kenobi warned Skywalker that they had to be cautious, however, the Jedi Knight declined. His reaction to Kenobi's statement concerned Tano. Kenobi revealed to her that her master was once a slave, and he tried to push that part of his life behind him. Eventually, Skywalker suggested that they would go around the trade routes that led to Zygerria, to avoid detection. Skywalker, Kenobi, Tano, Captain CT-7567, and a group of clone troopers left in the Twilight and journeyed to the Zygerria system.

The group ventured through the Shi'kar Straits, the remains of the once Shi'kar homeworld. Skywalker urged Kenobi that they should have brought their battlegroup and depart to Zygerria, although Kenobi told him that with "luck," they would be able to find a Zygerrian slave freighter. Skywalker's astromech droid, R2-D2, alerted CT-7567 that there was a freighter approaching in the distance. After the clone captain told Skywalker, the Jedi Knight told Tano to charge up their main weapons, however, Kenobi denied the use of an attack and suggested that they negotiate with the slavers on the freighter.


After contacting the freighter, the ship's captain, Onyx, allowed them to enter, under the impression that the group were "amateurs." The Twilight docked with the frighter and Skywalker, Kenobi, and Tano journeyed inside the Zygerrian slave freighter. Onyx and few Zygerrian armed slaves greeted the group. The Jedi used Tano as "merchandise," to impress the Zygerrians, although their negotiation were cut short after Skywalker activated his lightsaber. Skywalker ordered Onyz to surrender, although he declined and began to fire at the Jedi Knight. Kenobi and Tano soon followed and activated their lightsabers, which shocked Onyx and his men. More blaster fire consumed the area, and soon clone troopers approached to backed the Jedi up. Zygerrian slavers approached from behind and almost killed Kenobi, although CT-7567 warned him of the attack.

Kenobi then ordered an retreat, however, one slaver took out a missile launcher and fired it at Tano and CT-7567. The blast damage caused the shield door—which allowed the Jedi and clones to re-enter the Twilight—to fall near the clone captain. Tano used the Force and held it, allowing CT-7567 to rejoin Kenobi and Skywalker.


The group soon departed back into the Twilight, although Skywalker saw that Tano was missing. The Togruta padawan was left onboard the freighter, however, it was part of her plan of tricking the Zygerrians. A slaver told Onyx about the injured Tano and soon they brought her to the cockpit of the ship. Meanwhile, Kenobi and Skywalker couldn't release the Twilight from the Zygerrian freighter which concerned the two Jedi. They then received a comlink transmission from Tano, who was held inside the cockpit of the slave ship. Skywalker told her to unlock their rear airlock doors to allow them to enter it. She acknowledged and used the Force to open the doors, while not alerting Onyx and his slavers in the cockpit. Using pressurized space suits, Skywalker, Kenobi and a group of clones left the Twilight to rescue Tano.

After a minor attack by a Blixus, Skywalker and Kenobi ambushed the cockpit of the freighter and killed all but Onyz, who held Tano by the neck and pointed a blaster at her head. Kenobi calmed the Zygerrian down by stating they did not wish to fight, but instead know the location of the missing Kiros Togruta population. After Onyz revealed that the Togruta population was being traded inside the Zygerrian homeworld, and soon the Jedi and clones left in the Twilight.


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