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―The Flesh Raider Ravager Chieftain[src]

During the Flesh Raider uprising on the Deep Core world of Tython, the apprentice of Jedi Master Orgus Din was forced to fight a group of the native Flesh Raiders when ordered to investigate activity near the ruins of the ancient temple Kaleth. In an ancient shrine near the ruins, the Padawan was surprised to encounter Force-sensitive Flesh Raiders, and managed to defeat the hostile natives despite their advantage in numbers. The revelation that some of the natives were Force-sensitive, and were seemingly being trained by a holocron, was a prospect that the Jedi Order found alarming in light of the Flesh Raiders' increased attacks, and the Dark Jedi Bengel Morr would use these natives as Force Adepts in the coming battles.


"Scouts report that the Flesh Raider forces are gathering in strength. They already control the mountains around us, and now they're invading the ruins of Kaleth. My men spotted them at the remains of an ancient shrine—close to your Jedi Temple."

In 3643 BBY,[4] during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, the native Flesh Raiders of Tython began striking at the Jedi Order and the Pilgrims of Kalikori village more frequently and in greater numbers. The apprentice of Jedi Master Orgus Din, who had defeated a Dark Jedi named Callef who had been leading the natives, had discovered that another individual was leading the Flesh Raiders while recovering weapons from the Flesh Raiders for Kalikori Village. Din recognized the voice of the individual from a recording, but refused to tell his apprentice anything further and took T7-O1—the astromech droid who had taken the recording—back to the Jedi Temple.[2]

The skirmish[]

"Kill Jeehd-ay!"
―The Flesh Raider Ravager Chieftain directs his soldiers[src]

The small valley where the ancient shrine was located

Moorint, the Scout Chief of Kalikori, had received reports from that Flesh Raiders had been seen near the ancient temple of Kaleth. While Din returned to the Temple to confer with the other Masters, he sent his Padawan to investigate the reports. Leaving the village valley, the Padawan followed the Elarian Trail to Kaleth and fought through the ancient war droids that still guarded the ruins. The Jedi then entered an ancient tunnel in the cliffside, where the apprentice found a group of over a dozen Flesh Raiders.[1]

Clearing a path through the natives in the tunnel, the Padawan emerged in a small valley, where a single Flesh Raider stood before the ruins of an ancient shrine. Approaching the Flesh Raider Ravager Chieftain, the Jedi was shocked to hear the native say the word Jeehd-ay—the Flesh Raider could speak. The Jedi Order had thought the natives were non-sentient, and the revelation that they were actually intelligent hinted at a greater purpose behind the Flesh Raiders' attacks. The Flesh Raider then surprised the Padawan further by blasting the apprentice with the Force, as none of the Jedi had known the natives were Force-sensitive either. Laughing, the Flesh Raider summoned four subordinate Adepts and ordered them to kill the Jedi. But despite the Flesh Raiders' advantages of surprise and numbers, the Padawan was able to hold the line and defeat the five natives.[1]


"Master Orgus sent us. We came as quickly as we could."
"One of the Flesh Raiders I just fought called me 'Jedi.' He could use the Force."
"That's troubling. If the Flesh Raiders are learning the ways of the Force—it won't be on the side of light."
―Bela Kiwiiks and the Padawan[src]

Just as the Padawan defeated the last of the Flesh Raiders, the reinforcements Master Din had sent arrived: the Togruta Jedi Master Bela Kiwiiks and her Padawan Kira Carsen. Kiwiiks was astonished to learn that the natives could speak and use the Force, and was further shocked when she found a holocron on the Ravager Chieftain's body. However, Kiwiiks could not stay longer, as she and Carsen were being sent to the Republic capital of Coruscant to investigate a dark presence the Jedi Council had sensed there. Before leaving, Kiwiiks instructed the Padawan to install several security recorders in the area, so the Order would know if the Flesh Raiders returned.[1]

After placing the devices, the apprentice was contacted via holocomm by Din and summoned back to Kalikori Village.[1] There, Din revealed the identity of the hooded figure: his former apprentice Bengel Morr, who had been present in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant during the sacking of the capital by the Sith Empire over ten years earlier. Morr had been presumed dead, but he now seemed determined to destroy the Jedi Order. Din also gave his Padawan a new assignment to take out a shield generator protecting a Flesh Raider base in the Tythos Ridge.[3] Despite the apprentice's actions at the shrine, however, Morr would use many more Force-sensitive Flesh Raiders as Force Adepts later in the uprising.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

The skirmish at the ancient shrine appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released by BioWare on December 20, 2011. The skirmish represents the events of the Jedi Knight class story mission "Enemy Force," where the player is sent by Orgus Din to the ruins of Kaleth to investigate Flesh Raider activity there. After fighting the Flesh Raiders at the shrine, Bela Kiwiiks instructs the player to install security devices around the area.[1]


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