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Maris: "Don't let Progga worry you. He has a rotten temper, but he'll cool off."
Car'das: "Before or after he racks the three of us and takes all the furs?"
Qennto: "On, Progga woudn't have racked us. He'd have left that to Drixo when we had to tell her he'd snatched her cargo."
―Maris Ferasi, Jorj Car'das, and Dubrak Qennto while running from Progga[src]


A skirmish started when Progga in his starship attacked the Bargain Hunter which had Dubrak Qennto as captain and a crew consisting of Maris Ferasi and Jorj Car'das. Progga did this in an attempt to hijack the Bargain Hunter and steal their cargo of rare furs and Firegems.[1]

The BattleEdit

Progga tracked Qennto twice through hyperspace but he was never able to hit the Bargain Hunter directly with his ship's blaster fire. The second time the Bargain Hunter made a hyperspace jump to try and get away its hyperdrive over heated because of a nullifier problem and finally, after over four hour of working, Quennto got it shut down without slagging it. The Bargain Hunter ended up near a star cluster. They decided to use their backup hyperdrive to make a jump to the nearest star system which was a fourth a light year away. They came out near a yellow sun but were unpleasantly surprised when Progga showed up right behind them and hailed them over the ships' comm systems. Progga mistakenly assumed they had a hidden base on the nearby planet and demanded for Quennto to lead him to it.[1]


Before Progga and Qennto finished talking the Chiss fired a Conner net at both of the ships. While the Bargain Hunter was place out of commission, Progga's starship was built to resist the Conner nets. Progga, prepared to fight, turned his starship around to confront the beings who had launched the nets, and what issued was the Skirmish between the Chiss and Progga.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Skirmish between Progga and the Bargain Hunter was described in Outbound Flight by Timothy Zahn in 2006, but it was not given a name.


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