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This skirmish occurred in 3 ABY,[1] within the labyrinthine bowels of the Arbo Maze, a copse of trees so thick that the woods formed cavernous tunnels. During the altercation, the Dulok shaman Umwak and his nephew attempted to capture the Ewoks Kneesaa and Latara; Umwak attacked these unarmed opponents empty-handed, but his nephew wielded a net soaked in ultra-sticky ganga sap. Despite several attempts to trap her, Kneesaa maneuvered herself so that Umwak and his nephew collided with one another, entangling them in their own net. The Ewoks rendezvoused with their friends—Paploo, Teebo, Weechee, Widdle, and Wicket—and left the Duloks in the maze.[2]

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