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During the First Order–Resistance war a skirmish took place in the Barabesh system between the First Order and Team Colossus, after the rescue of Tamara Ryvora. The skirmish was the last in a series of attempts by the First Order to track down and capture the supertanker fuel depot known as the Colossus.


The First Order's hunt for the Colossus had been going since the attack on Castilon[3]. After a massacre led by the First Order on Aeos Prime, Tamara "Tam" Ryvora sought to defect from the First Order and rejoin her old allies on the Colossus. Members of the Team Colossus Kazuda Xiono, Jarek Yeager, and CB-23 led the rescue effort of Ryvora, and though successful, they were later recaptured by Commander Pyre and Agent Tierny.[1]

Xiono, Ryvora, CB-23, and Yeager attempted to escape from the Star Destroyer that they were being held on, and sent out a transmission telling the Colossus to escape after Jace Rucklin provided intel to the First Order regarding the supertanker's location. Meanwhile, Captain Imanuel Doza, his wife Venisa Doza and daughter Torra Doza attempted to rally the citizens of the Colossus to support Xiono's mission and rescue them.[1]


Kazuda Xiono contacts the Colossus.

After receiving Xiono's transmission, Aunt Z, Bolza Grool, Synara San, and Neeku Vozo convinced their fellow citizens to help Kaz and his team by fighting against the First Order rather than run away. Meanwhile, Xiono, Yeager, and Ryvora had been captured and relocated to the bridge of Pyre's Star Destroyer, though CB-23 had managed to hide.[1]

The skirmishEdit

"Supreme Leader, I have the Colossus within my grasp, but I need reinforcements."
"To add to your failure?"
"No, I simply need support to—"
"The First Order does not tolerate the weak, Agent Tierny."
―Agent Tierny and Kylo Ren[src]

Pyre's Star Destroyer arrived at the Colossus' location, and launched a squadron of TIE fighters to attack the supertanker, as the Star Destroyer itself also began to bombard the station. The Colossus, in turn, launched fighters from Ace Squadron and Jade Squadron in an attempt to defend itself. Despite the First Order's superior numbers, the Resistance squadrons made quick work of many of them. However, the Colossus' shields were deteriorating at a rapid rate compared to that of the Star Destroyer's.[1]

On the Star Destroyer itself, CB-23 worked to disable the shields of the vessel. After successfully doing so, a brief attack run led by Ace Squadron led to the disorientation of the Star Destroyer, allowing Xiono, Ryvora, and Yeager to escape the bridge and trap Tierny inside. The trio quickly made their way to the Star Destroyer's hangar to board a transport shuttle and escape.[1]

Another explosion briefly trapped the Resistance members on the Star Destroyer, though they managed to board a shuttle after a brief fight with Pyre, who was rendered unconscious. During this fight, CB-23 was also disabled.[1]

Meanwhile, Tierny was contacted by Supreme Leader Kylo Ren and told him that she needed reinforcements. Ren refused and told her that the First Order had zero tolerance for weakness. He then executed Tierny by Force choking her.[1]

Ace and Jade Squadrons meanwhile led one final attack run on the Star Destroyer, causing the capital ship to explode just as Xiono, Ryvora, Yeager, and CB-23 escaped. All First Order crew members, including Pyre and Rucklin, were killed.[1]


After defeating their pursuant, the residents of the Colossus celebrated both their victory and their reunion with Tamara Ryvora. Kaz, Neeku, and Yeager reconciled with Tam and invited her for drinks at Aunt Z's Tavern. They were joined by the Doza family, Ace Squadron, and Jade Squadron.[1]

At least three members of Team Colossus took part in the Battle of Exegol, flying the Fireball, Jarek Yeager's racer, and Blue Ace as part of the 14,000 strong allied armada that took on the forces of Emperor Palpatine's Final Order.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

The skirmish in the Barabesh system first appeared in "The Escape", the final episode of Star Wars Resistance Season Two, which premiered on January 26, 2020.



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