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In about 21 BBY, a skirmish took place on a small asteroid in the Cularin system asteroid belt.

The skirmishEdit

Thousands of years before the Clone Wars, the Darkstaff—a powerful Sith artifactdestroyed the planet Oblis in the Cularin system and transformed the Oblee, a species native to the world, into incorporeal beings that became known as "shadow lurkers." The Darkstaff sucked power from the lurkers via three focusing crystals and the lurkers were forced to draw energy from their surroundings, in order to prevent themselves from being fully absorbed into the artifact.

The remains of Oblis eventually settled to form the Cularin system asteroid belt and in about 21 BBY, a group of freelance agents traveled to a small asteroid in the belt, inside which the three crystals had came to be located. There, the shadow lurkers communicated with the agents and urged them to destroy the crystals, to sever the lurkers' connection to the Darkstaff. However, the staff learned of the agents' plan and it dispatched a team of Believers to prevent the agents from destroying the crystals. The Believers landed on the asteroid and subsequently engaged the agents in combat. However, the agents defeated the cultists and shattered the shards, which allowed the Oblee to be reborn in their physical form.



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