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"I am now in the process of loading a comprehensive package of unlimited-class total-combat maneuvers, the use of many of which constitutes a felony on most civilized worlds."
―C-3PO bluffs while coming to the aid of Allana Solo in Monarg's Mechanic Works[src]

This skirmish took place in 43.5 ABY when Monarg attempted steal R2-D2, restraining the droid in his shop, Monarg's Mechanic Works. Allana Solo, whose grandparents, Han and Leia Solo, were attending a conclave on Dathomir, decided to try and rescue R2-D2, but was met with hostilities from Monarg. After a short skirmish with Monarg, Allana fled the man's shop with C-3PO, R2-D2, and her pet nexu, Anji. They went back aboard the Millennium Falcon, and Allana took off in the ship, piloting it away and accidentally causing severe damage to the fence surrounding the spaceport.

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