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This article is about battle with the members of the Raining Leaves Clan. You may be looking for subsequent skirmishes during the Conclave of the Raining Leaves Clan and the Broken Columns Clan.
"Miscalculated, did you?"
"When I spotted the woman, she didn't have these reinforcements."
"Embarrassing, isn't it?"
"A bit."
―Ben and Luke Skywalker, upon being confronted by the Dathomiri Witches after avoiding the rockfall trap[src]

This skirmish took place in 43.5 ABY in the rainforest of the planet Dathomir. Luke and Ben Skywalker traveled to the planet in search of the Sith apprentice Vestara Khai, while Han and Leia Solo traveled there to find the Skywalkers. At the Dathomir Spaceport, the Solos enlisted a group of guides to help lead them through the rainforest, consisting of Tarth Vames, Carrack, Yliri Consta, the Force-sensitive Dyon Stadd, and the former Dathomiri Witch Tribeless Sha.

Meanwhile, the Raining Leaves Clan was preparing for a conclave with the Broken Columns Clan. On their search for Khai, the Skywalkers began to trespass on the land that was to be held for the gathering, and the Raining Leaves Clan leader, Kaminne Sihn, attacked them several times in an attempt to deter them. However, the Jedi continued on their trek, so Sihn and nine other Raining Leaves members set up a trap for them, preparing to trap them in a rockfall. The Jedi noticed the trap and avoided the falling rocks, but they were instantly surprised by the appearance of the several Witches and their rancors, as the Skywalkers had only expected to see the Witch they had previously encountered. Luke Skywalker attempted to speak with Sihn, but the Jedi were quickly attacked.

Meanwhile, the Solos and their guides arrived the scene, joining the fight against the Witches. The Jedi-allied force quickly overcame the Dathomiri Witches, incapacitating them and ending the fight. After the Witches had been tied up, Luke Skywalker introduced himself to Sihn. Remembering the assistance he had rendered the Dathomir Witches in previous years, she declared him and his friends as counselors, making them participants in the upcoming conclave.

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