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This skirmish took place in the Feswe Corridor, immediately following an initial attack at Skorrupon by the Alliance to Restore the Republic that failed to stop the advance of the newly-completed Star Dreadnought Executor as it neared the Rebel base on Yavin 4. Alliance pilots Vrad Dodonna and Luke Skywalker were assigned to use the shield-negating effects of a power gem to disrupt the Executor's shields and inflict enough damage to stop the Super Star Destroyer's approach. Dodonna, disillusioned with the Rebel Alliance after the first failed attack, instead hoped to sabotage the mission to bargain for his own life with the Empire. After ditching Skywalker on a nearby planetoid, he eventually had a change of heart and rammed his craft into the Executor, killing himself, but failing to knock out the Executor's shields, which had been switched to double-front. The shielding setting, however, left the Executor's aft section exposed, allowing Han Solo and Skywalker in the Millennium Falcon a clear shot that disabled the Super Star Destroyer's gyro-control system.

With the Executor temporarily delayed, the Rebellion gained enough time to safely evacuate their Yavin 4 base, but a large Imperial blockade still waited for them under the command of Admiral Amise Griff.

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