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The Second Battle of Despayre occurred in 0 BBY shortly after the Death Star destroyed the planet Despayre and left the Horuz system.


The capture of the Frigate Priam revealed that the construction site of the Death Star was located in the Horuz system near the prison planet Despayre. Two Alliance CR90 corvettes collectively compromising Ethar was dispatched to the system to investigate, and found only the shattered remnants of the planet Despayre and no trace of the Death Star. However the Galactic Empire forces left in the system in anticipated the arrival of Rebel forces managed to capture the corvettes.

The battleEdit

Further Alliance forces arrived in the system shortly after. While and X-wings from Red Squadron engaged the Imperial gunboats, Blue Squadron and Gold Squadron Y-wings disabled the corvettes. The two Lambda-class shuttles Rogue then arrived in the system and managed to recover the corvettes. Ethar 1 and Ethar 2 eventually entered hyperspace and left the system, in Rebel hands once again.


The data collected by the corvettes in the Horuz system revealed to the Rebels that the Death Star was completely operational and had left Despayre to another destination.



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