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The Skirmish in the Ithorian Compound was a firefight that took place in the Ithorian Compound aboard Citadel Station during the Old Sith Wars.


Following the end of the Jedi Civil War, Chodo Habat and his herd were in charge of the Telosian Restoration Project. By 3951 BBY, the Ithorians was challenged by Czerka Corporation, which, through not entirely legal means, attempted to take control over the Restoration Project. Their plans were different from the Ithorians as they proposed urbanizing Telos IV.


The Ithorian Compound before the attack.

During Meetra Surik's visit to Citadel Station, she met with Chodo Habat and performed various tasks assist their restoration efforts. The tension came to a peak after the Jedi Exile infiltrated a droid in the Citadel Station Czerka Offices. B-4D4 managed to steal files from the Czerka mainframe that exposed the company's illegal activities on Telos.

The BattleEdit

The attack of the Ithorians was ordered by Jana Lorso, the Czerka representative on Telos, when she realized the files were stolen. She saw that if they were brought to the Telos Security Force, then Czerka would be expelled of Telos. So she decided to remove Chodo Habat from the equation.

Czerka mercenaries along with battle droids attacked the Ithorian Compound located un the Residential Module 082. Many Ithorians were executed without a fight. In the beginning, the battle went perfect for the Czerka until Habat's assistant Moza sent contact to Meetra Surik, who was about to leave the station.

Almost right after she received the message, the Exile arrived along with Kreia and Atton Rand. They fought mercenaries and droids to the vivarium where Moza got them the card to Chodo's office. The mercenaries were already there but the Exile easily dispatched them, thus concluding the battle.


Following the skirmish, the stolen data were delivered to the TSF and the Czerka corruption within the Citadel Station was exposed. the Telosian Council eventually decided to drive the company away from Telos.

Behind the scenesEdit

The battle doesn't even occur if the player chooses dark side path and supports the Czerka. In this case, the Citadel Station Czerka Offices is attacked by the Exchange.



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