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The Skirmish in the Mandalorian forest was a minor engagement in the Galactic Civil War on the planet Mandalore between the Mandalorians led by Fenn Shysa, and a group of Imperial slavers led by an unidentified slaver commander.


As a force of slavers were leading a group of Mandalorian slaves back to the City of Bone, they were ambushed by several Mandalorian soldiers led by Fenn Shysa. Shysa was able to cut a huge swath in the battlefield, despite heavy resistance, and made his way to the Imperial commander. The man was wearing a control box on the slaves energy cuffs, and Shysa hoped to destroy it, so the slaves could be released. Shysa eventually made it to the commander and killed him, destroying his control box in the process. Shysa then began to dismantle the control box so that it could not be repaired and used against his fellow Mandalorians again.

However, as Shysa was doing this, the battle was continuing to rage. A slaver approached Shysa with his blaster drawn, and was ready to shoot Shysa at point-blank range. However, before he could fire the fatal shot, the Imperial was killed by Leia Organa, who had come to Mandalore searching for Dengar in hopes that he might have information on the bounty hunter Boba Fett, who still held Han Solo hostage, frozen in carbonite. After Organa had killed the slaver, the battle ended, and the Mandalorians retreated with those they had rescued back to their base.


Though a very minor battle in terms of forces deployed, this battle proved to be good preparation for the later Battle of the City of Bone, where destroying a control box to energy cuffs proved vital in winning the day for the Mandalorians.


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