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Around 18 BBY, the Jedi Knight-in-hiding Jax Pavan came to the Oyu'baat seeking information from a Black Sun lieutenant by the name of Tyno Fabris, who was living in Keldabe at the time. Pavan made several visits to the Mandalorian establishment during the course of his stay on Mandalore as he attempted to make use of the gangster's resources in locating a friend who'd been captured by the Empire. During the last of these visits, the Oyu'baat suffered minor damage when a firefight broke out between Pavan and bodyguards of the recently arrived Black Sun Vigo Xizor, who had gone back on a deal that had been struck between Black Sun and the Jedi. Pavan was forced to flee the cantina through a window, blasting it open with The Force and knocking free a section of the surrounding wall.

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