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This skirmish took place in the hangar of the Stone Prison on Doan in 980 BBY. Set Harth, who had recently been apprenticed to Darth Zannah, traveled with Zannah to Doan so that she could assault her Master, Darth Bane, and properly claim the title of Dark Lord of the Sith. Zannah entered the prison to find her Master—who had been taken there after his capture by an Iktotchi assassin, the Huntress, at the bidding of Doan Princess Serra—leaving Harth to guard her ship, the Victory. Harth, however, grew impatient, and entered the prison himself, where he found the holocron of Darth Andeddu, which was said to contain the secret to eternal life.

Taking it, he returned to the hangar and decided to steal a ship to escape. However, the Huntress arrived and stopped him from taking the ship, which happened to be her shuttle, the Stalker. They entered a brief duel, with Harth doing his best to evade her, hiding behind various ships in the hangar.

Meanwhile, however, Zannah had found Bane and engaged him in combat. Serra, hoping to kill the two Sith Lords, initiated the prison's self destruct sequence. As the building began to collapse, Harth disabled three of the five starships in the hangar, until only the Stalker and one other ship remained. He proposed that they both flee in the two ships, or else he would disable the final two as well, leaving them both to die. The Huntress knew that she wouldn't be quick enough to stop his sabotage, and realized that it would be best to accept. Harth then fled in the other ship, taking Andeddu's holocron with him. He began to study from the holocron, and eventually learned the techniques of transfer essence.

However, the Iktotchi stayed behind, as she believed that her destiny depended upon her waiting there. Soon after, Bane arrived at the hangar, having survived his duel with his apprentice, and rushed to attack the Huntress. However, the Huntress submitted herself to Bane's teachings, returning his lightsaber to him—which she had taken when she had captured him—and taking the name Darth Cognus. They then fled the collapsing prison in the Stalker and tracked Serra to Ambria, where Cognus killed her, before Bane engaged Zannah in a final duel for the title of Dark Lord of the Sith.


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