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"Too many questions, Aryn. I've got engspice aboard. They'll seize the ship and arrest us both. We have to go. Now."
―Zeerid Korr, to Aryn Leneer, during the skirmish[1]

A skirmish was fought in the Yinta Lake spaceport on the planet Vulta in 3653 BBY, near the end of the Great Galactic War. Attempting to protect some engspice that he had to transport to the galactic capital planet Coruscant, the smuggler Zeerid Korr partnered with rogue Jedi Knight Aryn Leneer to defend his cargo from a team of bounty hunters led by the mercenary Vrath Xizor, who tried to steal the engspice for the Hutt Cartel. A short skirmish ensued that ended with Korr and Leneer escaping with the spice. Xizor subsequently looked for another way to pilfer the engspice from Korr.


"I just want the cargo."
―Vrath Xizor[1]

In the year 3653 BBY,[2] near the end of the Great Galactic War, the smuggler Zeerid Korr was tasked with delivering a load of engspice to Coruscant, the capital planet of the Galactic Republic, for the Exchange criminal organization. The rogue Jedi Knight Aryn Leneer accompanied Korr on his starship, the Fatman, for transportation to the currently Sith-held Coruscant, where she hoped to avenge the death of her Master, Ven Zallow, who had fallen at the hands of the Sith Empire. Vrath Xizor, a mercenary hired by the Hutt Cartel, set out with a team of bounty hunters—including Deron, Keene, and Lom—to stop Korr so that the Hutts could exclusively market engspice. Xizor followed Korr and Leneer to the Yinta Lake spaceport, near the city of Yinta Lake on the planet Vulta, where the smuggler and the Jedi Knight stopped on their journey to Coruscant. There, Xizor and his men attempted to steal their cargo.[1]

The skirmish[]

"Everybody down!"
―Vrath Xizor, to some civilian bystanders[1]

After Xizor shouted for everyone in the spaceport to drop to the ground, he and his team fell under fire from Korr, who ran for cover as he loosed laser blasts at his attackers. Leneer, meanwhile, protected herself by wielding her lightsaber in a defensive pattern. As the firefight continued, two of Xizor's men were shot and killed, Korr was slightly wounded, and several civilians in the spaceport were injured. Korr and Leneer eventually made a dash for the landing pad where the Fatman was docked. Xizor's group continued to fire at them, however, and Leneer received a shot to the calf. Korr and Leneer finally reached the Fatman and boarded the ship, shooting at a few more of Xizor's men along the way.[1]


"I'm going to fly right up to an Imperial cruiser."
―Vrath Xizor, discussing his plans[1]

Although suffering from minor injuries, Korr and Leneer escaped with the engspice aboard the Fatman. They finally made it to Coruscant, where Leneer dueled with Darth Malgus, a Sith Lord who had led the assault on the Jedi Temple and was responsible for Zallow's death. Meanwhile, Xizor and his remaining men left the spaceport and began planning a new way to steal the engspice from Korr. To gather more resources to complete their objective, Xizor's team decided to temporarily join forces with the Sith Empire.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The skirmish in the Yinta Lake spaceport appeared in the novel The Old Republic: Deceived, written by Paul S. Kemp and published in 2011.[1]


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