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A brief conflict occurred between a New Republic starfighter patrol and a scouting force sent by Warlord Zsinj, one month after the New Republic captured Borleias.

The Dwarf Star-class freighter Vengeance Derra IV, a Zsinj-aligned ship named according to New Republic conventions in order to facilitate covert missions, arrived unannounced in the Pyria system, to verify the New Republic's reported conquest of Borleias. At that time, only an X-wing from Rogue Squadron and two Y-wings from Champion Squadron were on patrol. Though the arrival of the Vengeance Derra IV seemed like an ordinary event, Rogue pilot Corran Horn was immediately suspicious and ordered the Y-wings to take a closer look. These suspicions were not alleviated when the freighter only provided the proper coded response to the Y-wings' challenge on its second try. When Corran ordered the Vengeance Derra IV to stop for inspection, it instead opened its cargo bay to release four TIE fighters and two TIE/sa bombers. The Y-wing pilots shot down one bomber and disabled the other with their ion cannons, then knocked out the freighter's shields with proton torpedo salvos. Horn shot down three TIE fighters, and the fourth was destroyed by another proton torpedo from one of the Y-wings. With its fighters eliminated, the Vengeance Derra IV escaped to hyperspace, only to pursued by Rogue Squadron and defeated over Contruum.



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