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"I barely made it through that one. I was sure that the Korolev was a goner."
"We've analyzed your performance, lieutenant, and it was nearly flawless. Either you were very lucky or your skills are improving. Either way, we're thankful for your efforts. There's nothing more to add."
"I suppose I could have attacked the Warspite."
"Let's just stay alive, shall we?"
―Keyan Farlander is debriefed by Lagrane[src]

The Skirmish near Brigia was an Imperial attack during the the transfer of wounded following the evacuation of Brigia.

The battle[]

Following the evacuation of Brigia, several shuttles, along with the CR90 corvette Korolev were transferring wounded personnel to the medical frigate Redemption. The Imperial Nebulon-B frigate Warspite dropped out of hyperspace and launched TIE Series fighters. It then jumped to hyperspace again, emerging on the other side of the transfer and launching more fighters.

The Korolev is attacked by a TIE bomber.

The defending Rebel X-wings had moved to intercept the first wave and were out of position for the second wave. The pilots of Red Squadron, particularly Keyan Farlander, were able to evade the TIE/LN starfighters long enough to destroy both waves of TIE/sa bombers and all Rebel ships escaped successfully. Key to their success was Farlander's decision to use his proton torpedoes to destroy the first wave of TIE Bombers quickly, along with ignoring the threat of the TIE Fighters, which were attacking the X-wings themselves, until all TIE Bombers had been destroyed.


A simulation based on this battle would later be part of the New Republic's training program. When Wedge Antilles reformed Rogue Squadron, this test was used as one of the benchmarks for candidates to enter the squadron.



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