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The Skirmish near Gelgelar was a space battle between Rebel Alliance forces and elements of the Imperial Navy that took place shortly after the Empire seized control of the Gelgelar system. The skirmish erupted when a deep-space operation to transfer survivors of the Evacuation of Gelgelar to the medical frigate Redemption was interrupted by the arrival of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Nemesis and a minor force of Assault Gunboats.

The BattleEdit

The Alliance High Command believed that the transfer of wounded personnel from the abandoned Gelgelar base to the Redemption would be discreet and avoid Imperial detection. While the operation started out smoothly for the Rebels, as both transports carrying medical supplies successfully docked with the Redemption, the Star Destroyer Nemesis dropped out of hyperspace and deployed its fighters soon after the first Gallofree medium transport carrying wounded docked with the medical frigate.

Rogue and Gold Squadrons were hard pressed to fend off the TIE/LN starfighters and TIE/sa bombers in their Z-95 craft, but the outclassed snubfighters somehow managed to keep the Imperials at bay. With the fighter complement of the Nemesis virtually depleted and the nimble Headhunters evading the Star Destroyer's turbolaser batteries, the Imperials called in reinforcements in form of several flight groups of Assault Gunboats, putting even more pressure on the Rebel fighters to prevent damage to their ships.

After roughly fifteen minutes of intense fighting, the last transport departed from the Redemption, but it was destroyed by the Nemesis, which had finally moved into firing range. The Redemption, all batteries firing, took a massive beating from the Star Destroyer's turbolasers, but the frigate's shields held long enough to allow it to escape into hyperspace, along with its fighter escort.


Thanks to the transfer from the GR75 medium transports to the Redemption, many Rebel lives were likely saved by the medical facilities aboard the frigate.

With the dust from the First Battle of Gelgelar settling, Rebel High Command saw a need for a new base of operations in the Airam sector now that Elrood sector had been overrun by Task Force Vengeance. The Alliance made a decision to deploy additional forces there.


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