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"It was a formidable fight but the slavers' ship was not built to withstand an attack from a swarm of TIEs."

A skirmish occurred when the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Flanchard intercepted a slaver starship near Komnor.[3] However, the ship had been boarded just before by Chewbacca. The Wookiee killed all the slavers and freed the Wookiee prisoners. The slaver ship was under control of the Wookiees when Imperial forces arrived in the area. Lieutenant Han Solo and his squadron of TIE fighters disabled the enemy starship but the Wookiees managed to escape in another transport during the battle. Solo only found Chewbacca and dead slavers when he boarded the slaver ship.[1] Han Solo refused to execute the Wookiee as ordered by Captain Nyklas and was reprimanded by his superiors. Grounded on Coruscant for a while, Solo rescued the enslaved Chewbacca and both tried to flee the planet together. They failed and Han Solo was definitely expelled from the Imperial Navy.[3]

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