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A moderate skirmish occurred on the Imperial world of Carida. With the Death Star construction on schedule, Emperor Palpatine turned his attention to other weapons, such as Colonel Veers prototype All Terrain Armored Transport. Veers was given permission to have the prototype tested on Carida.

The battle[edit | edit source]

With at least seventeen Field commanders from the Imperial Army observing, Veers moved his vehicle through an armored barrier, destroying it in a few steps. With at least two captured Rebel T2-B repulsor tanks and two captured T4-B heavy tanks blown to smithereens, in addition to three Pod walkers meeting a similar fate. Veers moved down to the river and deployed a squad of nine Stormtroopers from the AT-AT. Killing at least nine captured Black Sun soldier's, Veers then proceeded to slaughter a captive Rancor.

Suddenly, a force of Rebel troopers and T2-B repulsor tanks appeared. Anti-infantry turrets were set up by the Imperials, however, and the army quickly slaughtered the Rebels in mere minutes.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Tarkin: "Colonel Veers is of the opinion that the Rebel base that launched the attack could not be far away based on the size of their force."
Darth Vader: "I have used his information to pinpoint Jabiim as the likely origin point. Allow me to take a force there and crush them once and for all!"
Palpatine: "More important than destroying their worthless base of operations is finding the identity of the one who revealed the location of this demonstration, my apprentice."
Grand Moff Tarkin, Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine[src]

Palpatine congratulated Veers on the AT-AT's success. Darth Vader along with Veers calculated that the planet Jabiim provided the staging point for the attack. Although Tarkin stated that the AT-AT would see little use other than garrison duty when the Death Star was operational, Palpatine had a possible vision of the Battle of Hoth, and counter-stated that the AT-AT would be a useful tool of the army.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

This battle was the seventh mission of the Imperial campaign in the 2006 video game Star Wars: Empire at War.

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