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"The crashed Separtist Frigate that led us here shouldn't be difficult to miss once you get close. [...] Further beyond that we've had some scattered reports of a native village being occupied what could be potentially Death Watch mercenaries. Additionally, we've discovered several Death Watch camps in the area. [...] That's everything we've been able to discover so far. I'd advise caution when exploring. The Mandalorian Death Watch group is not known for their hospitality, and who knows what other dangers could be out there"
―Commander Wolffe to a Jedi Knight on Carlac[src]

The Skirmish on Carlac occurred around 21 BBY during the Clone Wars

The skirmishEdit

A crashed Munificent-class star frigate of the Confederate Navy led a clone trooper detachment, under the command of Clone Commander CC-3636, to the remote planet Carlac in the Outer Rim Territories. Besides dispatching his clone cold assault troopers to combat the Separatist battle droids at the frigate's crash site, Wolffe also had a Jedi Knight address the problem of several Death Watch camps on the world. As the Jedi Knight moved throughout the area, he encountered a destroyed village, where he encountered Sergeant Kellov. The Jedi also advanced towards the various Death Watch camps, such as Camp Kote, commanded by Lieutenant Vherr, Camp Beskar, headed by Lieutenant Ralnar and Camp Ara'nov, which was led by Lieutenant Melkket, all of them holding several Ming Po captive.

Captive village crisisEdit

Once the Jedi had ended the series of training camps, they discovered a large village under captivity by Death Watch. The Knight met with Clone Trooper Mortar, who stated that the Death Watch threatened if the Republic did not withdraw its presence, they would burn the entire village and all its inhabitants. Concluding that a full-scale assault would risk too many innocents, the Jedi led a small infiltration mission into the village, taking out several Death Watch soldiers. The Jedi was guided by a Clone naval officer, reporting that a LAAT Gunship would be flying overhead to provide reconnaissance and putting out several fires within the village. Death Watch member Kherr Dawar attempted to trap the Jedi, but the LAAT had extinguished the surrounding fires after she had been dispatched.

The Jedi eventually faced Pre Vizsla at the village center, alongside Mord Jayran and Kro Lann. The Death Watch were finally driven from the village as Vizsla and his remaining troops escaped.


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