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"This is crazy, a blind man and a fool, against the Empire."
―Rahm Kota to Starkiller[src]

Following Starkiller's escape from the doomed ship Empirical, Darth Vader's apprentice was assigned a new mission: to unite a group of rebels and dissidents to wage war against Emperor Palpatine. Starkiller determined that to do this, he would need assistance from a Jedi, and so he conducted a search for Rahm Kota, who survived his encounter with Starkiller over Nar Shaddaa. After finding Kota in a bar in Cloud City on Bespin, Imperial forces tracked Kota and Starkiller and a skirmish erupted between the Jedi and stormtroopers.



Former Jedi General Rahm Kota, now a defeated blind drunk.

"We need to rally the Emperor's enemies and I need to find someone who can teach me the things Vader couldn't..."
―Galen Marek to Juno Eclipse[src]

After Darth Vader apparently killed his Sith apprentice in order to avoid destruction at the hands of his own master, Emperor Palpatine, Starkiller's body was recovered by one of Darth Vader's droids. Galen was then resurrected and given the mission of escaping from the Empirical and keep low while seeking out the means to create a Rebel Alliance against the ruler of the Galactic Empire.[1]

Taking the Rogue Shadow along with Juno Eclipse and PROXY, the group sought out General Rahm Kota. After six standard months, he followed the defeated Jedi's trail to Cloud City on Bespin.[1]

The skirmish

"Nobody fights the Empire and wins, boy. Not even a Jedi!"
―Rahm Kota to Starkiller.[src]

After searching through the various establishments, Galen discovered Kota within a bar and awoke the former general who was now blinded after his defeat above Nar Shaddaa. Not apparently aware that it was Starkiller he was talking to, he told the stranger that no one was capable of fighting the Empire and winning. It was then that Ugnaughts directed a squad to Stormtroopers to Kota's location, forcing Galen to fight the Imperial troops while protecting Kota at the same time.[1]

Calling Juno for her to pick them up, Starkiller escorted Kota through various corridors in the floating city in order to reach the landing pad while fighting Stormtroopers in his path. He also came into conflict with the Imperial Senate Guard who were dispatched to kill Kota. However, despite reaching the landing pads, Marek was informed by Juno that there were Imperial forces everywhere preventing her from landing. They agreed instead to meet on an adjacent platform. His attempts at protecting Kota grew only more difficult as the Ugnaughts were aiding the Imperial forces and deployed their Ugnaught's to fight Starkiller.[1]

Marek vs ESG

Marek confronting the Shadow Guard.

Upon clearing the landing pad of Imperial troops, a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle arrived with fresh reinforcements. Once the door opened, a squad of Stormtroopers descended from the ramp and behind them was a member of the Emperor's Shadow Guard. The two grappled, but Marek managed to gain the upper hand and catapult the guard into the air, and fired force lightning at him. Paralyzed, Marek finished the guard off with his lightsaber.[1]


"It's a fool's errand, boy. The Emperor's army is infinite. You'll eventually be killed... or worse. And nothing will have changed."
―Rahm Kota to Starkiller[src]

After defeating this foe and the Imperial forces, Starkiller was told by by Kota that fighting the Empire was pointless as no matter what they did they would be killed or suffer a worse fate, with nothing changing the galaxy. An adamant Starkiller, however, asked the drunken Rahm Kota if he would rather die fighting or live miserably in a cantina. Kota seemed unconvinced but did say that he had a contact in the Imperial Senate that could require a skilled fighter. He then asked where Starkiller's ship was at which point the Rogue Shadow arrived to take them off Bespin.

Kota agreed to help Galen to create an Alliance and assigned him to rescue Princess Leia Organa on Kashyyyk.

Behind the scenes

This mission does not appear in the PS2, PSP, or Wii versions of the game, with the search for Kota being instead on Nar Shaddaa in a cantina called The Undertow with only one Shadow Guard, many stormtroopers and "bar scum" to fight. In the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, Kota is armed with a blue lightsaber, which he is seen with in the next two levels



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