The Skirmish on Coruscant was a mission to Coruscant undertaken by Ben Skywalker, Jaina Solo, and Leia Organa Solo that took place 41 ABY, with the objective to learn of Darth Caedus' movements, and to use that information to remove the Sith Lord from power.


"I hope Dad doesn't know how you act when you're dressed like that."
"Of course he knows. He loves it when I dress like this."
"Thanks for that picture."
―Jaina Solo and Leia Organa Solo discussing Leia's sultry dancing while in Codru-Ji disguise[src]

In order to gain information of the wayward Chief of State, the three Jedi Knights went to the Monument Plaza on Coruscant to meet with Galactic Alliance Guard Captain Lon Shevu, who was still trusted and held in high esteem by Caedus, and therefore likely to be one of the few people with knowledge of Caedus' whereabouts.[1]

Disguised as an Arkanian noble, an Elomin office secretary and a Codru-Ji dancer, the Jedi infiltrated the plaza, while not attracting any attention. Skywalker made for Captain Shevu while the Solos watched and waited in the wings to assist if something went wrong.[1]

Skywalker made contact with Shevu, also disguised, and Shevu proceeded to inform Ben that Caedus (called Three-Eye, to prevent observers from understanding) was on Roche, solidifying his hold over the Imperial Remnant's control of the asteroids, and the Remnant itself. However, contrary to what Skywalker thought, he and Shevu were being watched by a pair of Rodians trying very hard to look like a couple on vacation. When Ben saw them reach inside the pockets of their outer tunics, he realized he had been found out.[1]


"Oh, kriff! That's Tahiri!"
Ben Skywalker upon realizing the woman running to capture him was Tahiri Veila[src]

Skywalker shoved Shevu over to try and create the illusion that he was resisting arrest, so Shevu could remain on Coruscant as a spy. He fired his blaster randomly, and Shevu responded in turn, both still acting. Ben then turned to run, but found himself staring down an aisle in the crowd that was opening in front of an armor-clad, blonde-haired, lightsaber-bearing woman sprinting to reach him, followed closely by a dozen GAG commandos.[1]

Still fully in the GAG mindset, Skywalker ran away from his Jedi support, in the hopes that Jaina and Leia would be able to escape. He composed a short message to the Jedi transport Sweet Time about Caedus' location and his and Shevu's imminent capture. Tahiri caught up with him at that point, and they entered into a short brawl, trading several blows before Tahiri's GAG troopers surrounded Ben. He ignited his lightsaber and deflected the first few bolts, but Tahiri rapidly punched him in the back several times, knocking him unconscious.[1]

Rescue AttemptEdit

As Tahiri and her shock troops loaded Ben and the prone Shevu into a Doomsled, Jaina made her way over to Leia, noticing the two Rodians being loaded into a med-wagon. Using a few acting tricks and some Force suggestions on officers Tobyl and Jat'ho, the Solos commandeered the med-wagon. Ejecting the hapless Bith pilot, they took to the skies after Tahiri. Going a different way initially, to throw off suspicion, once they were out of sight of the GAG troopsleds, Jaina shoved the throttle forward, and they sped after the Doomsled.[1]

Driving ridiculously fast, and almost hitting a Squib in an air taxi, they began to close the distance with the GA squad. As the two Rodians still in the med-wagon were coming around, Organa Solo gave them some more sedatives to keep them out. The Jedi flew closer the Galactic City SpeedPipe, following Tahiri, noticing that things seemed to be too easy. They would prove to be right, as Tahiri voice-activated a gas trap shortly afterward.[1]

Using various methods, Jaina and Leia survived the gas, but realized, as the GAG shooters lancing bolts across their vessel hadn't yet reduced it to scrap, that Veila was planning to trap them in a controlled environment, and that she had known Shevu was a double agent for a while, and employed various techniques, including torture and attempted seduction to get the location of the Jedi's secret base from Ben Skywalker, though he resisted her advances, resulting in Shevu's demise. Forced to leave Ben in the hands of the Sith, they escaped the planet.[1]


Skywalker would escape custody a short while afterward with the help of Taryn and Trista Zel, Hapan twin sisters, although not before suffering torture at the hands of SD-XX. Shevu would die of catastrophic heart failure after Tahiri applied a bolt of Force lightning to his chest. Their objective was to find the location of the secret Jedi base.[1]

Grand Master Luke Skywalker would reveal to his sister and niece that he had foreseen Ben's capture, and had sent him anyway. His reasons for this were to jam Caedus' Force visions, thereby preventing the Sith Lord from figuring out that his twin sister Jaina was coming for him, and not the Grand Master.[1]


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