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The skirmish on Endor was a conflict on the forest moon of Endor between the Ewok shaman Logray and the Ice Demon Stagorr. The duel took place on the slopes of Ice Mountain and pitted the Force powers of the two warriors against each other. Although Stagorr was equipped with several formidable Force techniques, he was unable to stand up to the power of Logray and his magical staff. Logray eventually overpowered Stagorr, and forced him into the inside of Ice Mountain where he remained trapped.

Stagorr was unable to escape his confines to set up a rematch until several years later.

Behind the scenesEdit

Due to the power of Logray in relation to the powers of Luke Skywalker seen in Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, the epic demeanor given to this conflict in Ewoks 6: The Ice Demon is questionable.


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