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This Skirmish on Endor took place shortly after the Battle of Endor, as a small group of scout troopers and stormtroopers, under the command of an Imperial commander known only by the designation 347.609/D5, assaulted a treetop Ewok village.


After the destruction of the Second Death Star in the Battle of Endor, most of the Imperial fleet had dispersed throughout the galaxy. However, a small number of Imperial forces were left behind. Knowing that they were not likely to ever be retrieved from Endor, many of these abandoned Imperials were bent on inflicting as much damage as possible upon the Rebel forces still present on Endor as well as on the Ewoks, whom they saw as insurgents.


One such group of Imperials consisted of the remains of a stormtrooper platoon (divided into Aurek Squad and Besh Squad) and Explorer Squad Esk-23. The group had been scouring the forests of Endor, hoping to find an abandoned space shuttle to take them off the planet, and survived by hunting native pray. Determined to punish the Rebels and Ewok insurgents, they would also eliminate any enemy they came across. At some point, some of the group's scouts discovered an Ewok village. As Commander 347.609/D5 was under order to attack any enemies with extreme prejudice, the Imperial group assaulted the village.

What they did not know was that the Ewok inhabitants of the village housed the Rebel Recon-A squad, which was under the command of Bren Harvist. The Rebel commandos were assigned to help out the Ewoks in the aftermath of the Battle of Endor

The battleEdit

As the village was a treetop village, the Imperials had to ascend a stairway in a giant hollow tree, leading to the village. Upon ascendance, the Imperials had to traverse through an area of traps, such as log pinchers, log sweepers, and pitfalls. The traps were manned by an unknown number of Ewoks who did not participate directly in the battle. The Ewoks, who were split up into three squads, made use of spears and knives and attacked the Imperials by swinging across open spaces in vines, while the Rebels were armed with blaster carbines. An unknown number of soldiers on both sides met their ends by falling off the platform that constituted the walkway of the treetop village, while others were shot or mauled in melee combat. While the Ewoks' and Rebels' advantage was the Ewoks' intimate knowledge of the battlefield, the Imperials were characterized by exceptional resolution and high morale. No grenades were used in this battle, due to limited supplies on both sides.

Behind the scenesEdit

This skirmish appears as a scenario for West End Games' Star Wars Miniature Game in Imperial Entanglements. The scenario is entitled Terror in the Trees. Although a variant in which grenades are used is presented in the scenario, it is specifically stated that grenades are not available in Terror in the Trees. This article assumes that Rebel/Ewok victory is canonical. However, Imperial victory is possible when actually playing the scenario.


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