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"There's a remote Imperial colony on Honoghr. If we start by subverting the Imperial officials there, it shouldn't attract undue attention. Of course, we could set up another racketeering operation here. But I believe that in order to truly make our mark...we need intimidation."
Tyber Zann[src]

A skirmish took place on Honoghr around 1 BBY, shortly after the jailbreak on Kessel.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

"We move quickly, otherwise our forces will be overwhelmed by Noghri assassins. I have heard boastful rumors of their battle skills, so this should be a good challenge."
―Urai Fen before the Skirmish on Honoghr.[src]

When Tyber Zann was freed, his criminal empire was in ruins. In order to re-establish it, he needed to let the galaxy know he was back and as dangerous as ever. Knowing the Noghri's reputation as fierce warriors, it seemed apparent that getting the Noghri scared of them would give the Zann's reputation as something to be feared a start.

The Attack[edit | edit source]

A Defiler was sent to the planet, who managed to assemble a strike team out of the Consortium's reserves, and Urai Fen also participated. Urai took charge of the mission from there, and the strike team landed. As the Consortium's forces marched forward, several Noghri Warriors and stormtroopers went to meet them.

The battle was over quickly, with three Noghri dwellings destroyed as Zann's soldiers moved further north to meet Malinth, the commander of Imperial forces. Malinth rushed towards them in hopes of destroying them, but he died in his attempt.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

"Even Vader's assassins proved no match for our forces. This victory ensures that word of the Zann Consortium spreads quickly."
Urai Fen[src]

News spread quickly of the Empire's defeat on Honoghr, gaining Tyber Zann more respect in the criminal underworld. The Noghri began to fear him slightly.

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