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A skirmish took place at a camp on Lotho Minor during the Clone Wars. Most Junkers in the conflict were killed.


Savage Opress landed on Lotho Minor looking for Darth Maul when Morley asked if he could help Opress,who decided to let Morley come along. Morley warned Opress about Junkers and Fire breathers. They were then attacked by a fire breather but managed to find cover. Some time later, the pair went around a corner, and found themselves in a small camp with some Junkers.

The skirmishEdit

Opress made a sudden move and the Junkers lunged at him and Morley. Opress then activated his lightsaber and killed several Junkers. Morley was battling the main commander of these Junkers and was getting the better of him. Meanwhile, Opress was killing any Junker in sight. The Junker that Morley was holding back attempted to shoot Opress but failed when Morley hit him on the back. The Junker fired at Opress, but he was able to deflect it back into the Junker's chest. The remaining Junkers fled.


Following the battle, Morley and Opress quickly moved away from the ruined campsite. The camp was later destroyed when fire broke out.


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