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This article is about the skirmish in 21 BBY during the Clone Wars. You may be looking for another Battle of Naboo.
"I will attack the Naboo!"
―General Grievous[src]

A skirmish took place on the planet Naboo during the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems.


During the Clone Wars, Count Dooku used Rish Loo's secret laboratory as a hidden base on the planet Naboo, which had been invaded by the Trade Federation cartel over a decade prior. In 21 BBY, the second year of the war, Dooku conspired with General Grievous and Rish Loo to launch another invasion of the planet, a plot that would involve turning the Gungans and the Gungan Grand Army against the Naboo people. When Minister Rish Loo began influencing Boss Lyonie, the leader of the Gungan community Otoh Gunga, to behave strangely and call for a Gungan alliance with the Separatists and an attack on Theed, Representative Jar Jar Binks invited his allies, Senator Padmé Amidala and Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, to help in the investigation into Lyonie's actions.

After arriving on Naboo, Skywalker and Amidala learned that Rish Loo was using a hypnotic necklace to control Lyonie's brain. Anakin destroyed the necklace, bringing Lyonie back to his senses and causing him to regret declaring an attack on the Naboo.Upon being discovered, Rish Loo stabbed Lyonie in an attempt to kill him and fled Otoh Gunga. While Lyonie was recovering, Padmé and Anakin noticed that Jar-Jar shared an uncanny resemblance to Lyonie, so they made Jar-Jar disguise as Lyonie to stop the invasion.

The skirmishEdit

"How does it feel to die?"
"Not die… sacrifice!"
―General Grievous and Roos Tarpals[src]

General Tarpals sacrifices himself to capture General Grievous.

Rish Loo went to the assembled Gungan Grand Army and told them that Lyonie was dead, ordering them to attack Naboo immediately. Jar-Jar showed up at that moment, posing as Lyonie. He denounced Rish Loo, who fled to his laboratory. Anakin followed Rish Loo, fighting the probe droids Rish Loo sent to stop him.

Meanwhile, Grievous and his army landed on Naboo aboard C-9979 landing craft. The tactical droid commander informed Jar-Jar that Grievous wanted to know why the attack on Theed was cancelled. Jar-Jar entered Grievous's lander and negotiated with the general. Meanwhile, Padmé contacted Tarpals and told him to take advantage of the alliance with the Separatists and shut down the droids while they weren't expecting it. Grievous figured out that Jar-Jar was not Lyonie, so he chased the Gungan outside, where he found his entire army deactivated.

As it began to rain, the Gungan army surrounded Grievous and told him to surrender. Grievous scoffed at both the very idea and the Gungans resistance before drawing two lightsabers. He managed to deflect several boomas, but was disarmed of his green-bladed lightsaber by another. Several Gungan warriors attacked him, with two dying in the process before Tarpals attacked him with an electric spear. In spite of his experience, the seasoned Gungan general was no match for Grievous, who stabbed him with a spear he had taken from a fallen Gungan. As he was dying, Tarpals used his final gasp of energy to drive his spear into Grievous's armor. As electricity surged through Grievous, the other Gungan warriors threw boombas at Grievous, disabling his cyborg body and knocking him down. He was then taken prisoner, though Tarpals had already died before any aid could be given.

Capture of SkywalkerEdit

"Why bring the war to Naboo?"
"How quickly you forget! After all, the war started here years ago."
"You were a part of that first battle?"
"The Sith control everything—you just don't know it!"
―Anakin Skywalker and Count Dooku[src]

Count Dooku captures Skywalker.

Skywalker, meanwhile, found Dooku's lair, after following Rish Loo to the ancient structure. Little did Skywalker know, however, that, in the wake of Grievous' capture, Dooku was looking to capture Skywalker so as to force a hostage trade between the opposing factions. When Rish Loo approached Dooku and began to speak of their ongoing plans, Dooku denounced Loo as a "fool," before abruptly stabbing him with his lightsaber, just as Anakin arrived in the chamber.

Dooku and Anakin then briefly had a heated discussion regarding the invasion, in which Dooku revealed that the Sith were not only behind the current invasion, but had orchestrated the first invasion as well. Dooku then engaged in a duel with Anakin, with the latter gaining the upper hand. Dooku broke off Anakin's attack by barraging him with lamps. While Anakin managed to deflect this barrage, he quickly found himself overwhelmed by Dooku's attending MagnaGuards. Forced to battle the MagnaGuards along with Dooku, Skywalker became incapacitated by several electric shocks, to which he used a Force Wave to knock back the Magnaguards. Surprised, Dooku then assaulted Skywalker with a Force choke, followed up by Force lightning. Skywalker was subdued and captured.

Prisoner exchangeEdit

"Senator Amidala, we meet again. I must regretfully inform you that young Skywalker has been detained."
"What have you done with Anakin?"
"Now, now, Senator, let's not become emotional."
"What do you want, Dooku?"
"I'm glad you asked. I could be persuaded to return Skywalker to you in exchange for… General Grievous."
―Count Dooku and Padmé Amidala[src]

Shortly following the captures of Grievous and Skywalker, Padmé Amidala was attempting to contact Anakin from Otoh Gunga, when Dooku appeared on her holoprojector. Inquiring as to what he wanted, Dooku informed Amidala that he had captured Skywalker, while commanding his droids to torture Skywalker through the use of several electric shocks. Dooku then stated that he would be willing to exchange Skywalker for Grievous in a prisoner transfer, and gave her an hour to come to a decision

Amidala, shocked and upset at the capture of her secret husband, was conflicted between her duties to the Republic and her duties to Anakin. Though initially hesitant to give up Grievous due to his importance in the war effort, Jar Jar, who was also present, reminded her that Anakin was "their friend," finally causing her to relent.

Some time thereafter, the prisoner trade took place, with the tactical droid arriving to lead negotiations for the Separatists, while Neeyutnee and Lyonie, alongside Amidala and Jar Jar, were there to represent the Republic. After Grievous had been released to the custody of the Separatists, the tactical droid ordered Anakin's subsequent release. After being unceremoniously dropped, still unconscious, at the feet of the opposing negotiators, along with his lightsaber, the Separatist forces left to depart the planet.



The Gungans and the Naboo, once again allies, thanks to Binks for his actions

Leonie: "Binks: Yousa been bombad learder in my place. Thisa second time yousa stoppin' war betwee us and the Naboo"
Neeyutnee: "And we are greatful Senator Binks."
Jar Jar: "Mesa doing my best."
―Boss Leonie and Queen Neeyutbee praising Jar Jar for preventing a potiential war[src]

While all those attending the exchange were upset at the release of Grievous and the Separatists' subsequent escape, Neeyutnee and Lyonie alike lauded Jar Jar for restoring peace between their two peoples for a second time, even at the expense of letting Grievous go.



Notes and referencesEdit

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